Housing varies depending on the program and you have different options to choose from based on your individual preference. Global co-op students will invariably navigate a new culture independently.  In the majority of cases, a global co-op position does not come with housing arrangements.  You should feel comfortable with some ambiguity about traversing countries and keep an open mind about your housing accommodations while on global co-op.  Remember, it's all about the experience!

  • Students are responsible for securing their own housing.  In some cases, housing is provided and this will be listed in the co-op job description.
  • All housing terms and arrangements are the responsibility of the student.
  • If you have paid a deposit for a semester in which you are now participating in global co-op, you are eligible for a refund.


Once you find your co-op job, Co-op Connections can help.  The Co-op Connections staff is a resource to you with issues ranging from housing and transportation.  Co-op Connections also serves as a link to campus life while you are away – keeping your informed about campus news and inviting you to events in various co-op locations.