When you hire a Northeastern student, you hire the best of the best. Northeastern is a global university.  The Cooperative Education Program, also known as “co-op”, is a unique educational model that provides students with opportunities to alternate periods of academic study and periods of full-time employment related to their academic majors and interests.  When you become a partner of Northeastern, you open up a global gateway to top talent and enthusiastic employees with developing skills, as well as potential relationships with future colleagues.

We are different than other institutions, so it would benefit you to become familiar with NU.  We are a leader in global education and the Global Co-op team is dedicated to work within a structured program to support you in attracting our students throughout the co-op process.  Northeastern University maintains a diverse range of academic disciplines throughout our nine Colleges and Schools and our renowned Co-op Program is comprised of over 70 Co-op Faculty Coordinators focused on serving your needs.  The Global Co-op team will facilitate the initial process for you to easily connect you with the right Co-op Faculty Coordinator across the university.  Our team is dedicated to ease the process and assist you throughout, so you will soon be on your way to hiring Northeastern global co-ops.  Below are ways in which to collaborate with us.

We work directly with employers and organizations across a multitude of industries and sectors. We can help you identify your needs and develop a job description based on the types of majors you seek to attract and develop projects with a clear business purpose. Northeastern’s renowned Cooperative Education Program can provide your organization the opportunity to attract, early in recruiting cycles, talented and productive students into the workplace.  Please email your Regional Contact directly and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

We strive to provide robust collaborations with other globally recognized institutions.  A university partnership with Northeastern offers a unique opportunity for an asymmetrical exchange.  The asymmetrical exchange allows for Northeastern to accept one student from the partner institution for full-time study, while in exchange, the partner institution receives two Northeastern global co-op students for full-time work.  Global Co-op students are able to conduct research or work in an administrative capacity at the partner institution.  Partner institutions would arrange the co-op positions as part of the agreement.  Global co-ops can also work at industry-based organizations nearby the host institution.  Please email your Regional Contact directly and we will be happy to guide you through the process.  Additional information can be found on the GEO Partnerships page.

Northeastern University welcomes the opportunity to partner with program providers that offer unique experiences for our students.  The Global Co-op team vets each provider’s program and services, aiming to offer optimal experiences for our global co-ops.  Working with us, allows you personalized contact during the vetting process, and once vetted, access to thousands of talented co-op students seeking robust global experiences.  Please email your Regional Contact directly and we will be happy to guide you through the process.