Our global partnerships have been a defining characteristic of the Northeastern experience. Since the founding of our flagship cooperative education program, our co-op employer-partners have helped Northeastern grow and flourish internationally and have served the local community as well as succeed as a renowned research university.

Northeastern has been connecting students with employers for 100 years and we have developed a very successful and streamlined system that allows you to bring talented and productive students into your workplace with ease and efficiency. A global partnership with Northeastern provides:

  • Access to motivated and ambitious undergraduate level co-op students, willing and able to travel internationally and explore careers outside the U.S.

  • A great way to manage economic uncertainty while maintaining a recruiting pipeline.

  • A streamlined process for interviewing and hiring (via phone, Skype, on-campus).

  • An global co-op consultant who is focused on your hiring needs, familiar with your culture, language and visa requirements.

  • Cost-effective measures to help meet budgets. Students are paid an hourly wage, but do not require expensive benefits.

  • An effective way to free up current employees to take on specialized projects/assignments.

  • Synergy for multinational employers to attract students with previous NU Domestic Co-op experience.