Global Quest is a new prestigious opportunity for incoming freshmen, who demonstrate outstanding leadership potential and candidacy to become a global citizen. Global Quest offers an immersive four or six month experience abroad for incoming first year students. Your Fall semester in Boston will feature specific selected coursework to keep you on track for a timely graduation, and your time abroad will weave a rich global experience into your first-year along with credit for academic courses. Locations will vary based on your chosen major- read below for a complete overview on this new opportunity.

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  • Global Quest is a distinct global learning track for select first-year students in a variety of majors.
  • Global Quest combines a semester in Boston with a unique experience abroad
  • Global Quest students are part of a NU cohort at a partner institution, although they may be enrolled in separate courses, dependent on their major and the number of courses previously taken – students have full access to the curriculum required for them to progress towards their degree.
  • Global Quest offers a large variety of courses curricularly matched for certain NU majors, geared towards keeping first-year students on track for graduating in four years. 
  • Integrate with other Northeastern students with similar academic, personal and professional goals, and develop a global mindset.
  • Explore a minor and have the opportunity to take courses towards your major/ minor.
  • Integrate with students from the host institution. 
  • Participate in special cultural activities, engage with local peers and communities, and network with Northeastern upperclassmen and alumni in-country. 
  • Continue to build on Northeastern values—developing self-awareness, cultural sensitivity, respect for diverse beliefs and opinions, and the ability to interact and collaborate with individuals and communities.