The Global Engagement Program is an invitation-only program offered to select high-talent students who have been accepted to Northeastern. Eligible students will major in business or a combined business major with economics or political science. Through this unique cultural academic experience, you will:

  • Leverage Northeastern’s expansive global network of campuses and partners to immerse yourself in multiple cultures;
  • Build upon, connect, and integrate your learning as you move across locations; and
  • Become deeply embedded into the Northeastern community as you engage with classmates and faculty in academic, experiential, and social opportunities.

This truly experiential approach to undergraduate education embodies the Northeastern learning model—learning through real experiences. Graduates of this program will become culturally agile learners who will be well-prepared for success in a world that increasingly requires individuals to understand the role that culture plays in the creation and discovery of new ideas and solutions to the most pressing issues facing society.

As the Global Engagement Program is entering its 3rd year, we look forward to welcoming our newest cohort to the GEP community.

*Note: Northeastern continues to be highly committed to the Global Engagement Program (GEP) and offering global opportunities, however due to the global pandemic, the sequence of global and off-campus experiences are subject to change. All dates and locations are subject to local travel policies. For more information please see Northeastern’s International Safety Office’s webpage. Housing for GEP participants is guaranteed regardless of whether the program is impacted by COVID-19. 


This program is limited to the following majors:

  • DMSB: Business Administration (all concentrations)
  • Combined Business Administration & Political Science
  • Combined Business Administration & Economics
  • Combined Economics & Political Science
  • Includes Honors

Studying abroad requires a valid passport. You may also need a visa and/or other travel documents. It is your responsibility to ensure that all your documents are valid and appropriate to the nature of your program.

You must enter GEP for the fall semester of your freshman year. students are not eligible for the Global Engagement Program.  

Theme: Understanding Global Social Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Ethics 

You will spend your first year at the New College of the Humanities(NCH). 

The first-year curriculum in London is fairly structured but also provides some choice for students. Your whole cohort will participate in an experience to build community and begin working on your personal and professional development, which you will continue to develop and refine over the course of the program. 

While in London, you will connect with Northeastern alumni living and working in the city and explore potential co-op opportunities in London and the UK. London is the perfect place to begin studying global business, economics, and politics, while developing intercultural competence and ethical awareness.  The city is a major hub in the global economy and a cultural crossroads and is dense with Northeastern partners and alumni. 

Visit your App Status Check and let us know if you are interested in learning more about the Global Engagement Program by February 15, 2021. 

Theme: Developing a Global Mindset Wherever You Are 

You will split your second year between the Boston campus and a designated regional campus, as you complete courses to fulfill your major, concentration, and general education requirements. 

In the spring, you might decide to launch into your first Co-op or continue with your studies. 

Then finish the academic year with a summer session on a Dialogue of Civilizations Program, taking classes in Boston, or completing your Co-op. 

Theme: Learning and Leading Across Cultures 

You will have several choices to build out your third year: 

  1. Spend the full year studying abroad with one of our partners; or 
  1. Split your year in half with two experiences: Study Abroad, Co-op or study in Boston! 

The Global Experience advisors will help you find the right study abroad option for you!  

Theme: Becoming a Lifelong Global Learner and Leader 

  • You will return to Boston for the final year of the program, to complete your major requirements, NUpath requirements, capstone course, and graduate with your class