GEO Scholarship Opportunities

• from Meisha Swaby

The Global Experience Office (GEO) offers a number of scholarships to students who have been accepted to a Study Abroad or Dialogue of Civilizations program.  Two of the most popular scholarships awarded are the Blog Scholarship and Photo Journal Scholarship. These scholarships are awarded to multiple recipients every semester.

The Blog Scholarship is a great way for students to gain funding for their programs by sharing their experiences abroad. Scholarship recipients create and maintain blogs that capture their experiences as they prepare to go abroad, whilst abroad, and after returning.  These blogs featuring student experiences from all corners of the globe can be found on the Student Voice.

Students that have been selected to receive the Photo Journal scholarship detail their experiences through photographs—by taking and submitting a variety of photos weekly. These photos detail all aspects of their experiences abroad, and offer insight into the significance of each moment, big or small.

For more information on these scholarships, including potential award amounts, please visit GEO Scholarships.