Exploring Global Learning at Northeastern

• from Jenny Woodford

A Workshop Series for Faculty & Staff

BOSTON, MA, January 23, 2020

This spring, the Northeastern University Global Experience Office is continuing a successful workshop series on Global Learning at Northeastern, with the goal of fostering conversation about cultivating global learning that connects international experiences with everyday campus interactions. The series encourages faculty and staff to consider ways in which services, teaching and learning challenge traditional academic hierarchies, and supports respect for others' unique perspectives and backgrounds.

This series follows an event that the Global Experience Office held last year, entitled “Using Global Learning Principles in Curriculum Design.” Over 25 staff and faculty from across the university attended the October workshop. Attendees discussed how the campus community can build intellectual, civic, professional, and intercultural competencies. Likewise, participants gained a better understanding of what global learning is, especially in the context of Northeastern University’s strategic mission.

During the session, attendees were able to reflect on what the concept of global learning meant to them. After thoughtful conversation, one group defined global learning as “preparing students to enter a globalized world by cultivating a global mindset in everyday interactions and leveraging international students’ experiences.”

Participants in the October workshop remarked that they benefited from being able to “connect and share ideas with colleagues from different colleges and departments.” Moreover, attendees enjoyed the experience of “having an understanding of fundamental principles around global learning that inform Northeastern’s work in this area.” This spring’s workshops will continue to build on conversations that emerged during the October workshop.

Each of the three spring workshops will focus on a different aspect of global learning. The first, which repeats October’s topic for new participants, will take place on January 28th in Snell Library. Participants will discuss global learning at Northeastern, considering the different ways and scales at which global learning can manifest.

The second workshop, on March 13th, will focus on designing for global learning in a variety of learning contexts. It will build upon the topic of the first workshop, but new attendees are also welcome. The workshop will be a place where those who have some experience designing globally integrated courses and activities can share their ideas, but it will also provide a practical toolkit for those wondering how to get started.

The final workshop in the series will be held in April at Raytheon Amphitheater. This faculty colloquium will help Dialogue of Civilizations instructors and other interested faculty members to guide students through meaningful overseas experiences. Participants will explore innovation in global learning, discuss core ideas, and brainstorm about how we can put global learning goals into practice in Boston and around the world.

Register for the events online at learning.northeastern.edu/events!

About the Global Experience Office: The Global Experience Office works to foster intercultural learning and create globally minded Northeastern students. We design and operate programs that deepen students’ knowledge of the world and their chosen field of study.