You will retain your full-time student status while abroad, which ensures that you remain eligible for your financial aid. However, the specific details of a study abroad program may alter your aid disbursement. For example, in order to receive full financial aid for the year, you must attend one full-time academic semester (16 SH) and one co-op semester. When you are not participating in the co-op program, you must attend 2 full-time academic semesters (32 SH). If studying abroad changes your number of classes and/or co-op semesters in an academic year, then your financial aid may be reduced or withheld. Keep in mind that one study abroad term is equal to one NU semester.

All students must consult with their financial aid advisor before departing Boston. Students can contact Student Financial Services directly for more information or to search for their advisor using the Counselor Look-Up tool.

Student Financial Services
354 Richards Hall
Ph: (617) 373-3190
Fax: (617) 373-8735


If your parent/guardian is an employee at Northeastern, the NU tuition waiver policy provides a partial tuition waiver for a semester abroad. Your parent/guardian should consult with Human Resources for the exact tuition waiver amount.