Course policies are put in place to ensure that the courses you are taking abroad count towards your degree here at Northeastern University and adhere to Northeastern’s college and university guidelines.

For students who entered Northeastern prior to Fall 2016, Dialogue of Civilizations programs will satisfy Northeastern University’s Comparative Study of Cultures Core 2007 requirement.

NUPath requirements for students who entered Fall 2016 and after are associated with specific Northeastern courses. To find what specific Northeastern courses hold NUPath attributes, please visit the Course Dashboard on the NUpath website.

All courses taken abroad will transfer back with a letter grade and will be factored into the student’s GPA. Students should speak with their Academic Advisor, GEO Advisor and Dialogue of Civilizations Faculty Leader if they wish to take a course pass/fail. This is at the faculty member’s discretion and the student must follow any deadlines and requirements related.

Each Dialogue of Civilizations program has a set list of courses offered. If a student has already taken one of the courses offered, they should speak with their Academic Advisor about policies with repeating a course or having a course fulfill a different degree requirement. Students must follow all course policies with relation to their major. Courses cannot be added or changed for the individual student needs as the programs are set.