The Global Experience Office (GEO) is committed to providing Northeastern students intellectually challenging and culturally enriching opportunities throughout the world. These experiences not only complement students’ on-campus studies but also prepare them to become effective leaders in an increasingly global community. GEO offers three main types of international programming for students, which include: Dialogue of Civilizations, Study Abroad, Global Co-op, and Global Quest.

Dialogue of Civilizations programs are faculty-led programs, offered during either Summer 1 or Summer 2, that focus on critical issues facing students and their peers at both the local and global levels. Students typically spend around 30 days in-country with a faculty leader from Northeastern University, learning about a specific topic or course subject in a chosen location. This type of experience is best suited for students who are looking for an intensive short-term international experience.

Study Abroad programs are offered during the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester at one of Northeastern’s partner institutions. Students can take classes at a foreign university, typically taught by local faculty members. Study Abroad programs have a direct immersion aspect which can assist in broadening students’ academic experience and deepening their cultural awareness.

Global Co-op programs are unparalleled career opportunities with global companies and organizations, where students work on the front line in diverse cultures addressing the challenges of today’s global society. These types of opportunities are designed to enhance a student’s career portfolio and prepare you to effectively lead and conduct business across communities around the globe.

Global Quest is a prestigious opportunity for incoming freshmen, who demonstrate outstanding leadership potential and candidacy to become a global citizen. A unique first-year experience, Global Quest combines an accelerated Fall semester in Boston with an immersive six-month experience abroad. In the six months from January through June, students complete the equivalent of a full semester NU-in Spring at a global partner institution as well as an equivalent of NU-Term during the summer, which may include directed research projects, field study, or summer classes at the partner institution.

Are you a student who plans to complete part of your education studying or doing a co-op abroad, in another culture? If so, consider GEO’s innovative Experiential Year Abroad (EYA) program. EYA offers students the chance to integrate the best of Northeastern’s core learning experiences—classroom, discussion-based and real world, work-based—abroad to prepare them to navigate and lead in an increasingly global society.

How does EYA reflect the core values of Northeastern’s educational experience?

  • EYA is at the pinnacle of Northeastern University students’ global learning experiences in that it combines classroom and real world work experience within a foreign cultural setting for a considerable length of time. This immersion sets our students up for later success in work and life as citizens and leaders in a more culturally interconnected world.
  • EYA effectively leverages the transformative, practical experience of the Global Co-op with the intellectual, theoretical rigor of the Dialogues and Study Abroad programs.