Northeastern 2025 will build on the university’s network of campuses around the world to create intercultural hubs for lifelong experiential learning: expanded study-abroad programs, international co-op opportunities, international dialogues, and coursework embedded with employer partners.
Northeastern will expand the range and impact of global experiential learning to include short-term experiences in heavily structured majors such as engineering; semester-long exchange programs with global universities; curriculum-based group projects abroad; and degree programs that incorporate one or two years of study and work in the host nation’s language.
Learners will also have the option of taking on a project assignment from an individual professional anywhere in our global network to master a specific skill—a flexible alternative to a full course or co-op.
In addition, the university will leverage its network of campuses to provide skills-focused, variable-term experiences that give learners insight into how culture affects professional practice. Beyond cultural agility, these initiatives will instill in students an entrepreneurial mindset about their own learning choices and opportunities.
-Northeastern's 2025 Plan