Our Team

Advancing Northeastern's reputation as the leader in global experiential learning, a top research university, and an innovator in higher education.

  • Luca Agea
    Director of Digital Experience

  • Stanlyann Alteon
    Finance and Operations Administrator

  • Chris Amenta
    Managing Editor

  • Rebecca Anzuoni
    Vice President for Marketing

  • Michael Armini
    Senior Vice President for External Affairs

  • Emily Arntsen
    Audio Reporter

  • Benjamin Bertsch
    Video and Multimedia Producer

  • Molly Callahan
    News Reporter

  • Meaghan Cayer
    Project Manager

  • Danielle Cochran
    Office Administrator

  • Mia Coen
    Content Marketing Manager

  • Donna Coffelt
    Creative Director

  • Sarah Coppola
    Content Strategist

  • Sonya Cottam
    HR Manager

  • Valerie Courtney
    Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Government Relations

  • Kevin Deane
    Digital Design Director

  • Meghan Donovan
    Director of Social Media

  • Eunice Esomonu
    Data Visualization Designer

  • Michael Ferrari
    Assistant Vice President for External Affairs

  • David Filipov
    Executive Editor

  • Adam Fischer
    Video and Multimedia Producer

  • Kayla Fulfer
    Project Manager

  • Trent Gaffney
    Front-End Web Developer

  • Denise Gotta
    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Greg Grinnell
    Senior Web Designer and Developer

  • Jessica Hair
    Media Relations Specialist

  • Derrick Henry
    Lead Developer for Design

  • Magdalena Hernandez
    Senior Copywriter/Editor

  • Clare Horn
    Director of Content Marketing

  • Gregory Houghton
    Director of Finance and Operations

  • Fernanda Hurtado Ortiz
    Social Media Coordinator

  • Shelby Johnson
    Senior Designer

  • Karin Kiewra
    Senior Writer/Editor

  • Tyler Machado
    Front-End/Data Developer

  • Kyle Marcy
    Web Developer

  • Amber Melo
    Project Coordinator and Assistant to the Vice President of Marketing

  • Cecilia Menchetti
    Editor, Partnerships and Engagement, Experience Magazine

  • Matthew Modoono
    Photography Manager

  • Roberto Molar Candanosa
    Science Reporter

  • Hannah Moore
    Front-End and UX/UI Developer

  • Shannon Nargi
    Senior Media Relations Specialist

  • Renata Nyul
    Vice President for Communications

  • Brendan O'Bryan
    Director of Public Policy

  • Caitlin O'Donnell
    Executive Assistant and Project Manager to the Senior Vice President

  • John Ombelets
    Senior Executive Editor

  • Francis Oywech
    IT Operations Manager

  • Derek Pardes
    Marketing Manager

  • Scott Petrichko
    Associate Creative Director

  • Glenn Pike
    Senior Digital Media Producer

  • Peter Ramjug
    Senior Writer/Researcher

  • Iliana Romanul
    Director of Marketing Operations

  • Michael Sarno
    Project Coordinator

  • Marirose Sartoretto
    Media Relations Specialist

  • Khalida Sarwari
    News Reporter

  • Denis Skarep
    Senior Production Artist

  • Cameron Sleeper
    Social Media Video Producer

  • Greg St. Martin
    Senior Writer/Editor

  • Haley Steele
    Senior Project Manager

  • Sarah Sterritt
    Assistant Director, Marketing Strategy and Insights

  • Ian Thomsen
    Multimedia Reporter

  • Sean Tierney
    Senior Technologist and Developer

  • Thomas Vannatter
    Public Art Manager

  • Eli Vásquez
    Administrative Assistant for the VP of Communications

  • Emily Veillette
    Traffic Manager

  • Schuyler Velasco
    Senior Writer, Experience Magazine

  • Mackenzie Waldron

  • Ruby Wallau
    Staff Photographer

  • Brilee Weaver
    Social Media Manager

  • Joanna Weiss
    Editor-in-Chief, Experience Magazine

  • Michael Workman
    Design Director, Experience Magazine