NU Entrepreneurs

Northeastern University has one of the largest and most innovative co-op programs in the world. The program provides students with up to 18 months of professional experience related to their career interests with more than 2,000 employers across the country and cities around the world. Because of this, Northeastern attracts students who are more driven to advance their careers and do so from a young age.

Throughout the Northeastern community, there are students who are developing ideas that with some help and direction could grow to be incredibly successful businesses. There are also students around the university developing skills and talents that start-up companies need. Students studying web design, accounting, law, marketing, engineering, science and a range of other disciplines have a great wealth of knowledge to offer an entrepreneur getting a businesses up and running. These are just some of their great stories.

Nightingale Apps

082514_BC_GEW_Kelley_Tiffany_082Nightingale Apps is a health information technology company offering mobile applications to nurses working in hospital settings. We are focused on improving the quality of information needed for the care of hospitalized patients. By improving the efficiency and accuracy of information flow, the health care team can provide timely access to care and improve the safety and patient-centeredness of delivered care. The initial patent-pending product, Know My PatientTM, supports nurses with the information needed for care from the beginning through the end of their day.


Toju Ometoruwa and PickasoundPickasound is a social music collaboration platform changing the way musicians connect online. Pickasound’s platform recognizes the spontaneous expression of musical ideas as a gift that we all possess, and should use to communicate and collaborate with people all over the world, who share a universal love of music.


Grace Zheng of PerfectchPerfetch is a high-tech venture that is applying advanced 3D scanning technology to measure the human body, visualize positive change, and improve health.

082514_BC_GEW_Leaders_030Northeastern empowers student leaders to start and run university programs within the university’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. These programs include Scout, Northeastern’s student led design studio, IDEA, Northeastern’s student-run venture accelerator, and Entrepreneurs Club, which has more than 1,000 members and all student-run programs. Northeastern’s School of Law is also piloting a student-led IP Clinic.

Bob LentzAs Northeastern’s entrepreneur-in-residence, Bob Lentz advises IDEA ventures and members of IDEA’s management team. Lentz is also a member of the faculty in the D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Chairman of the board of advisors for IDEA, and serves on the advisory board for Northeastern’s Center for Research Innovation. He has extensive executive management and entrepreneurial experience in the technology industry having been involved in the growth and eventual sale of a number of successful technology ventures.