Vince Harris, College of Engineering

Since 1996, Vincent Harris has assumed a multiplicity of leadership roles including entrepreneur where he has created laboratories, research consortia, research centers, and start-up companies. In 1998, Harris assumed the role of Head of the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Complex Materials Section. Major accomplishments included the establishment of several laboratories and research centers that have gone on to provide game-changing global technologies in the areas of communication and radar electronics, systems, and platforms.

During 1998-2000, external funding of the Section increased by more than 500%. Similar increases were realized in scholarship. In 2000, Harris assumed the position of Head of the NRL Materials Physics Branch where he oversaw a staff of more than 45 Ph.D. scientists. Based on a new budget management and marketing initiative, the Branch experienced a resurgence in revenue leading to first ever year-end budget surpluses. In 2001, Harris instituted a new budget management system leading to <0.1 % uncertainty in daily budget accounting. A new aggressive marketing methodology involving outreach, communication, and technical support of government DOD stakeholders resulted in more than a 50% increase in operational budget.

Concomitant to his responsibilities as Branch Head, in 2001, Harris assumed the position of Founder/Director of the NRL Synchrotron Radiation Consortium (NRL-SRC). The consortium consisted of design, building, and management of the global user facility beamlines X23B, X24C, X11A, X11B, and U4B at the BNL NSLS laboratories. During this time, Harris served as NSLS (BNL) EXAFS Special Interest Group (SPIG) representative, NSLS (BNL) User Executive Committee Member, organizer, EXAFS Workshop on Nanotechnology at NSLS User’s Meeting, member, NSLS II (BNL), Scientific Advisory Committee, and Member, Strategic Planning Committee, National Synchrotron Light Source II (BNL). In 2003, Harris joined the faculty at NEU.

In 2004, Harris founded the Northeastern University Center for Microwave Magnetic Materials and Integrated Circuits (CM3IC): a Center internationally renowned for advancing materials and devices for radar and communication technologies. As Director of the CM3IC, Harris has raised more than 12 M$ of federal research funds since 2004. Total federal agency funds raised throughout his career exceed 32 M$. He is also Founder and Chairman of the Board of the NU spinout Metamagnetics Inc. (Canton, MA USA) and Co-Founder and Board member of Nanofoundry LLC (Glen Ellen, VA). Metamagnetics Inc., a provider of innovative solutions and products to the greater DOD vendor and primes community has won many federal agency and prime contracts as well as competitive grants by the venture arm of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In 2013, Nanofoundry LLC was awarded an ARPA-e I-CORP grant in its inaugural year. It has since secured venture funds for the development of nanoparticle technologies.