Joey Lafyatis, Greenline Records

Green Line Records is Northeastern University’s student-run record label. We operate in a unique niche as a traditional record label that also focuses on students’ experiential learning. We support our roster artists with studio and live recording, booking, promotion and marketing, merchandising, licensing and artistic design. We’re looking to bridge the gap between on-campus student life and the local Boston scene by cultivating on-the-edge Northeastern artists and giving them the confidence and support to break into the real music industry.

The record label has been established since 1998, but recently underwent massive foundational reconstruction in 2011, leading to a fresh start for the organization. Students involved with the group have a deep knowledge in such topics ranging from music technology, artist management, graphic design, and more. Given this attitude adjustment, the record label has been expanding at a rapid pace and is quickly become a relevant source of music in Boston.