Dennis Shaughnessy, Social Enterprise Institute

Dennis R. Shaughnessy is an Executive Professor in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group in the D’Amore McKim Business School. He is also the founder of NU’s Social Enterprise Institute. He teaches social enterprise and impact investing, as well as growth ventures and intellectual property. He is also a distinguished visiting professor at leading business schools in South Africa and the Dominican Republic, where he works in economic development, social enterprise and microfinance. He is a member of the advisory board for the NU Honors Program, and serves on the NU IDEA board. He was formerly a member of the advisory board to NU’s College of Business Administration. Prior to joining the academy, Professor Shaughnessy worked for 25 years in public service, corporate law, venture capital and global corporate growth and M&A. He was a vice president in a Fortune 500 company and later a senior executive in a leading life sciences firm. His business career included being a principal in an IPO, as well as a global strategic investment and M&A specialist in the life sciences and technology industries. He served as a lead director of a publicly traded software company, and has been a strategy consultant to emerging enterprises. He is a local angel investor , a global impact investor, and a philanthropist.