Step 1 of 6 - Event Assistant Description

  • Dress Code:

    Black or red Event Management polo and/or Afterhours hoodie, jeans or pants (no holes), closed-toe shoes or sneakers.

    VIP Event Dress Code:

    Black or red Event Management polo and/or Afterhours hoodie, jeans or pants (no holes), closed-toe shoes or sneakers.


    • Maintain a friendly and courteous demeanor with a high level of customer service at all times.
    • Maintain the security and safety of the venue for its patrons, performers, and staff and protect the venue as well as the physical resources (technology, equipment, etc.) stored on site so that the venue is kept up properly.
    • Following all procedures during NU ONLY and NU+1 events to ensure safety and capacity protocol.
    • Act professionally at all times; you are being paid to be there and pay attention to make sure the event goes smoothly.
    • Do not wear headphones, in case you won't be able to hear if something is wrong. While there is down time, make sure you aren’t in view of the customer on a computer doing non-work related activities like checking email, Facebook etc. Reading a book is okay.

    Before the Event:

      All Events
    • Check in with the tech staff so they know you are there.
    • Review EMS notes/reminder email to determine the room setup for the event.
    • You are responsible for clearing out the tables/chairs if needed, and setting up tables and chairs as directed in the EMS notes.
    • When you have finished the room setup and are waiting for the event to start, make sure the whiteboards are up to date with the current Afterhours events. You can find the schedule on the Event Assistant spreadsheet.
    • When you have finished all of this, make sure you are available to the tech staff and client to help with any needs they might have.
      Door Procedure for Major Concert/Event with NU ONLY or NU+1
    • Take direction from Tech Staff to do the following:
    • Clear the tables and chairs out of the room and put in the designated areas beside the elevator and under the stairs in the stairwell.
    • Have the sponsoring student group fill out the guest list clipboard. This must be completed by doors open time and no names will be added after that.
    • Determine the posts of the Event Assistants. One must be at the podium at the top of the stairs, one at the food court doors and one to go back and forth between the two.
    • Immediately before “doors open,” the Event Assistants must do the following: Close doors to the food court and put the “Starbucks is Open” and “Please Use Other Door” signs on the outside. Once the doors are closed, the Event Assistant is posted and no one else is allowed in or out that way. Get the clickers and count the people in the room and everyone on the guest list before giving the clickers to the Event Assistant at the podium at the top of the stairs. This Event Assistant will be responsible for checking NU IDs, signing in guests on the sign-in clipboard, and counting the guests on the clickers.
    • Once all of the above have been completed and the sound checks are finished, we can officially “open doors” and start letting people in at the top of the stairs. Wait for the tech staff to give you the go ahead to “open doors.”

    During the Event:

      All Events
    • No Event Assistant should be making phone calls or texting during their shift.
    • Event Assistants should be available to Tech Staff and the client at all times to help with any needs they may have.
    • You are responsible for maintaining a clear egress through the room at all times.
    • If you encounter a disruptive individual or group, please refer to the policy on “Instructions on Dealing with a Disruptive Customer (or Group*)” in section 4 of this manual for protocol on how to deal with that situation.
      Major Concert/Event with NU ONLY or NU+1 Procedure
    • Remain at your post during the event. Ask another Event Assistant to cover your post if you need to use the bathroom, etc.
    • If posted at the top of the stairs: Check all guests for NU IDs (if the event is NU ONLY, no guests without NU ID are to be allowed in). If it is an NU+1 event, all students with guests must sign in on the NU+1 sign-in sheet. Count all guests on the clickers (in and out).
    • If posted at the food court door: No one is allowed in or out the door unless they are a performer for the event.

    After the Event:

    • Once the event is over, you are responsible for resetting the room to its normal setup.
    • Check with the Tech Staff before signing out to make sure nothing else is needed from you.

    Working In This Position Will Provide Opportunities For:

    • Critical Thinking
    • Collaboration & Teamwork
    • Customer Service
    • Time Management Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Decision-Making
    • Professionalism
    • Crowd Management and Fire Safety Skills
    This is a good position if you are interested in becoming a House Manager, BUMA, or Event Manager.