Faculty/Staff Members



Northeastern faculty and staff typically work on events that are planned, managed, promoted by, and paid for by university departments; such as academic conferences, research expos, guest speaker presentations, receptions and other social events. These events are conducted in the course of university business, and serve to advance the university’s mission, values, academic, and business objectives. Attendees may include both Northeastern guests as well as outside guests.

Please note, if you are a Northeastern faculty or staff member and your department is interested in hosting an outside group’s meeting or conference, visit the Office of External Events & Conference Housing.

University faculty or staff planning a meeting or an event for university business can book a venue and order services directly with the respective University departments and/or outside vendors. Visit the Planning Resources section of this web site for useful information on planning a university event.

The Office of University Events staff is available to advise any Northeastern faculty or staff member on effective ways to plan and manage a meeting or event. We will advise you on event planning steps big and small and refer you to the appropriate resources to plan your event successfully and in an efficient, cost-effective way. Under certain circumstances, our staff may take on a more involved role in helping you to plan your event. For more information about the Office of University Events, click here.

For more information, please e-mail events@northeastern.edu.