Building Safety for Everyone

Building Safety for Everyone was a construction worksite-based program that utilized Predictive Solutions to recognize safe physical working conditions and practices from safety assessments and provide feedback to workers.


PRedicting Occupational biomechanics in OFfice workers (PROOF) investigated the link between muscle efforts and postures to musculoskeletal symptoms.

Alpha Whole Body Vibration of Coal Miners

Miners who operate heavy equipment vehicles (HEV) in open pit mines have a high prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Miners are also exposed to whole body vibration, especially shock impulse vibration due to the operation of HEVs including. The broad objective for this research is to characterize WBV exposures in order to develop feasible and effective approaches for reducing exposure to whole body vibration among heavy equipment vehicle operators in mines.

Upper Extremity Biomechanics of Multi-touch Devices – Product Design

The Biomechanics projects examine upper limb kinematics and muscle use while using technology. These results inform designers about how gestures and configurations of technology impact the musculoskeletal system.

Mental Health and Wellbeing of Construction Workers

The Tier 1 study aims to understand workplace factors affecting mental health and wellbeing. Construction workers are at a high risk for substance/tobacco abuse as well as suicide compared to the general population. We want to understand how workers see their daily work environment affects their own mental health. The ultimate goal of the project is to design an intervention program as a resource for construction workers.