RIDE - Trucking

The RIDE Study at Northeastern University and the University of Washington has partnered with Schneider National Trucking Inc., to enroll eligible drivers into a study that is exploring driver health/back pain and vibration in trucks.

All the Right Moves (ARM) – Commercial Construction

All the Right Moves (ARM) develops and tests program, policies and practices designed to improve the health and safety of construction workers despite the complex organizational structure and dynamic nature of construction.

All the Right Moves for Subcontractors (ARM for SUBS) - Commercial Construction

All the Right Moves for Subcontractors aims to improve safety, health and well-being, through the development of a communication infrastructure with supplemental tools where construction workers and company mangers (project, operations and safety) work together to collaboratively identify problems and strategies to improve their conditions of work. The intervention is grounded in the key characteristics of integrated organizational interventions to improve workers' health safety and well-being detailed in Harvard Center for Work, Health and Well-being's Implementation Guidelines (McLellan et al, 2016). The intervention involves a cyclical approach through which the research team facilitate a participatory process to identify workers' health concerns, prioritize these concerns, use an action planning process to identify and operationalize solutions, and develop a company-specific evaluation plan to measure change. We will evaluate this program by measuring safety climate, health climate, pain and injury and health behaviors.

ACES - Commercial Construction

The goal of ACES (Assessment of Contractor Safety) is to develop a pre-qualification assessment tool that demonstrates improvement in the health and safety of construction workers through effective systems of safety that are based on a set of values shared and disseminated throughout the worksite.

Foundations in Safety Leadership – Commercial Construction

This project’s overall goal is to help ensure that tens of thousands of frontline construction supervisors nationwide obtain critical leadership training they need to promote a positive safety climate on their worksites and improve safety outcomes.