New NIEHS and NSF Grants Awarded to SSEHRI

SSEHRI is pleased to announce that we have received two major grants awards this summer from NIEHS and NSF. 

NIEHS has awarded a renewal for our T32 Training Grant, “Transdisciplinary Training at the Intersection of Environmental Health and Social Science,” led by Phil Brown (PI), with faculty mentors across several colleges at Northeastern, as well as mentors at Whitman College, and Silent Spring. This grant will include an increase in the number of doctoral students supported and adds social science postdocs on top of the environmental health science postdocs. 

NSF has awarded us our third grant on PFAS, “Multi-scalar, Multi-stakeholder Environmental Governance: The Case of PFAS,” led by Phil Brown (PI) and Alissa Cordner (Whitman College, Co-PI), along with other PFAS Project members Lauren Richter (a Northeastern PhD graduate and now an Assistant Professor at RISD) and Jennie Ohayon (Research Scientist at Silent Spring Institute, and former T32 Trainee). This project will investigate varied regulatory and non-regulatory approaches at federal, state, and local levels across the U.S., including the option of inaction, develop and expand our PFAS Governance Database, how governance actors respond to external developments such as litigation and scientific advances, and investigate the broad spectrum of individual and institutional players: state and federal regulators and scientists, other stakeholders. 

In addition to these two grants, Jennie Ohayon, who is a former SSEHRI T32 Trainee, and now Research Scientist at Silent Spring Institute, is the PI of a newly awarded NIEHS R21 grant, with Phil Brown as Co-I. The grant, “Expanding effective report-back of environmental exposures among new researchers and clinic-based studies,” will identify factors that hinder and promote report-back in environmental health studies, and design, evaluate, and disseminate a report-back training program that addresses barriers.