SSEHRI Students Named 2021 Huntington 100

We are thrilled to announce that two SSEHRI students, Cole Alder, a researcher with the PFAS Project, and Kaleem Ahmid, an MPH student in Sara Wylie’s lab, were just named one of the 2021 Huntington 100. Cole is graduating from Northeastern with a combined BS in Sociology and Environmental Studies, with a minor in Ethics, and Kaleem is graduating with his MPH.

The Huntington 100honors outstanding students for achievements which are commensurate with the university’s mission, ideals, values, and Academic Plan. Sponsored by the Office of Student Life, these students represent what Northeastern is today – a selective institution with rigorous academic programs and a sharp focus on the global experience. Each cohort of students is an incredible testament to the high ambition and achievement found in the Northeastern student body.

To learn more about the Huntington 100, visit the webpage here.

Congratulations, Cole and Kaleem!