Subsidized Co-op Program

The Subsidized Co-op Program provides eligible early stage startups with the opportunity to hire skilled and talented Northeastern University students into six-month, full-time, compensated co-op positions.

The Subsidized Co-op Program was established in 2011 through the generous donation of Northeastern University alumnus John Hatsapolous (COE’59). The program provides a limited number of subsidies to selected startups each six-month co-op cycle.

Ventures are allocated a $9,000 subsidy, paid to the hired student by Northeastern University as a scholarship; the venture is required to match the $9,000 subsidy and directly pay the hired student through their regular payroll process. The student is to be hired as an employee, not as an independent contractor, freelancer, or consultant. The student does not receive benefits; however, any and all applicable taxes are to be withheld from their compensation.

One subsidy is awarded for one student per startup per co-op cycle; startups may receive a maximum of two subsidies as a beneficiary of the program.


To be considered for the program, startups are required to

  • Have sufficient funding to match the $9,000 subsidy, but have not received funding beyond a Series A round.
  • Hire co-op student with “employee” status. Student-employees may not be hired as con­sultants or independent contractors. The University’s expectation is that co-op is a supervised educational experience. The program is only for the hiring of undergraduate students.
  • Have a payroll vendor (for example, ADP/Paychex) through which the student’s compensation is processed and applicable taxes are withheld.
  • Have physical office space where the student will report to work on a daily basis.
  • Have the requisite time to mentor and coach and complete an online performance evaluation.

Post a co-op position for the applicable co-op cycle that is

  • Full-time: 35+ hours per week
  • Six-months: January through June or July through December
  • Partner with Northeastern Co-op Faculty during the recruitment cycle, interviewing and providing feedback on candidates in a timely manner.

The Northeastern University Center for Entrepreneurship Education reserves the right to award subsidies based upon alternating criteria.

Thank you for your interest in the Subsidized Co-op Program; the application process for the Spring 2018 co-op cycle is now closed.

The application process will begin in February 2018 for the Fall 2018 co-op cycle.