Northeastern offers a rich set of courses on entrepreneurship and innovation for students of all ages and colleges, taught by faculty with extensive real world experience, as well as strong academic pedigree. Our professors want to help you create actual businesses – and not just business plans or financial models.


We provide courses in three general disciplines:

  • Technology Ventures – The business side of starting a company, ranging from venture idea creation to entrepreneurial marketing to startup teams to business modeling and business plan development. These courses also include a focus on innovation and designing and developing new products and services.
  • Next Generation Family Business – Following Northeastern’s rich tradition of family business, these courses are taught in a global context and explore issues of growth, succession, and family business finance. Our classes are increasingly attending by the heirs-to-be of rather remarkable family businesses abroad.
  • Social Ventures – Entrepreneurship to help the underprivileged, extended to developing countries around the world through a series of field studies focused on microfinance.

Taking one or more of our entrepreneurship and innovation courses positions you for success in IDEA, our student venture accelerator, and securing startup financing from our Investor Network. Knowledge is the power the drives entrepreneurial success.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate students at Northeastern can choose from several entrepreneurship and innovation programs that best suit their interests and curriculum. Undergraduate programs include:

  • Honors Entrepreneurship Track: honors sections for Entrepreneurial Thinking (ENTR 3310) and Innovation! (ENTR2301)
  • Innovation! (ENTR 2301) – a single course that satisfies the second year elective University Core requirement for any student outside the business school

Graduate Programs

Northeastern offers graduate level entrepreneurship and innovation coursework through a number of programs designed for students looking to enhance a business administration degree, further their studies in entrepreneurship, or to supplement technical knowledge with fundamental entrepreneurship theory and skills. Graduate programs include:


The eMinor is Northeastern’s new, interdisciplinary entrepreneurship minor, created for students across majors who want to learn how to identify problems and build innovative solutions. Entrepreneurship is not a buzzword limited to business students, it is a way of thinking and viewing the opportunities around you. The eMinor was invented to teach students from all disciplines to experience the world through this lens. Students who pursue the minor are creative and motivated, and looking for ways to apply the knowledge they’ve gained from their major to an entrepreneurial endeavor. This competitive minor offers students the opportunity to leverage their unique talents, as well as their new-found business knowledge, to achieve their start-up goals. o For non-business students interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, the e.Minor requires just five courses and is designed to fit into any curriculum.

Experiential Learning & Co-op

The Northeastern University Center for Entrepreneurship Education strives to engage and partner with employers at all stages of venture development in the Massachusetts start-up community to provide relevant cooperative education opportunities to talented and qualified students interested in entrepreneurship.

Within the Entrepreneurial Co-op program, students are hired into six-month, full-time co-op positions and are compensated relative to their skill level, the demands of the position, and the industry in which they are working. Students are hired as employees, not as independent contractors, freelancers, or consultants. They do not receive benefits and all applicable taxes are to be withheld.

There are three popular forms of Entrepreneurial Co-ops:

Standard Co-op Positions
Employers compensate students at the market rate for their industry.

Subsidized Co-op Positions
Eligible employers are allocated a subsidy by the Center for Entrepreneurship Education to hire a Northeastern University co-op student; ventures match the subsidy, which is paid directly to the student. This program is supported with the generous donation of John Hatsapolous ‘59, founder of Thermo-Electron Corporation and benefactor to Northeastern. See program guidelines for further information.

Please note: The application process for the Fall 2017 co-op cycle is now closed. The application process will begin in September 2017 for the Spring 2018 co-op cycle.

Student Venture Co-op
Students develop their own venture through IDEA, Northeastern’s venture accelerator, on a full-time basis over a six-month period while partnering with IDEA’s faculty advisor and coaches.

On Fire to Hire

On Fire to Hire Startup Expo

On Fire to Hire Startup Expo is a networking event for startups to brand their venture within the Northeastern University community and find talented students and alumni for co-op, full-time, and internship positions.

Undergraduate & Graduate Faculty

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Sophie Bacq
Ted Clark
Gregory Collier
Ben Compaine
Frederick Crane
Tony De Ritis
Kimberly Eddleston
John Friar
Stephen Golden
Dan Gregory
Samina Karim
Ralph Katz
Dirk Libaers
Tucker Marion
Daniel McCarthy
Marc Meyer
C. Sara Minard
Cheryl Mitteness
Susan B. Montgomery
George Moran
Oleks Osiyevskyy
Kevin Scanlon
Dennis Shaughnessy
Fernando F. Suarez