Alum Earns Entrepreneurship Award for Startup

When Asan­terabi Malima was 15, his father suf­fered a fatal heart attack at 57. He had been an accom­plished scholar and min­ister in the Tan­zanian gov­ern­ment. “Everyone in my family is in pol­i­tics,” said Malima, PhD’13, a grad­uate of the Depart­ment of Elec­trical and Com­puter Engi­neering and now a post­doc­toral researcher in Northeastern’s Center for High Rate Nanoman­u­fac­turing.

They all expected he’d keep with the family busi­ness, but his father’s early passing set Malima on a dif­ferent course. “My pas­sion was always to develop some kind of tech­nology to diag­nose dis­eases ear­lier, to come up with some­thing that wouldn’t save my father, since he’d already passed away, but may save some­body else’s parent,” Malima said.

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Originally appeared in News@Northeastern  on July 16, 2014

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