At Global Entrepreneurship Week, innovation crosses disciplines

To kick off the Center for Research Inno­va­tion’s Global Entre­pre­neur­ship Week, each North­eastern dean had the oppor­tu­nity to describe the role entre­pre­neur­ship played in his or her college.

Just one problem: It turns out five min­utes isn’t nearly enough time. Deans, admit­tedly ver­bose by their very nature, con­sis­tently ran out the clock describing new ini­tia­tives and endeavors, each time drawing a friendly cue from CRI director Tracey Dodenhoff.

As each dean spoke, a common theme emerged: North­eastern is home to a vital and growing com­mu­nity of entre­pre­neurs, working across dis­ci­plines to develop cre­ative solu­tions to the prob­lems of today and tomorrow.

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