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Camp A or B: The Millennial Recruiting Divide

Entitled. Distracted. Subjective. Lazy. Job hopper.  These words are repeatedly used to describe the millennial generation—ironically by non-millennial “experts.” But millennials are assets, and guaranteed to be some of your most creative, bright, and fastest-ramping hires once you take the time to understand what drives them. What is Camp A or B? Simply, they are two opposing camps: One actively ... Read More »

The One Quality to Look for When Trying to Identify Top Talent

After meeting with 20 to 25 professionals on a weekly basis for nearly two years, a few patterns have surfaced from my pool of top candidates searching for permanent corporate positions. Of those patterns, there has been one crucial quality each has: polish. Polished candidates “get it.” They understand the inner workings of the corporate world and how to conduct themselves in it. But polish ... Read More »