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4 Tips for Effectively Working With Remote Employees

The key to successfully collaborating with remote employees is effective communication. As technology has advanced, and businesses have become more global, the number of employees working remotely has increased dramatically. Whether based in small satellite offices or out of homes halfway around the world, there are a unique set of challenges that arise when co-workers are not interacting in-person on ... Read More »

Camp A or B: The Millennial Recruiting Divide

Entitled. Distracted. Subjective. Lazy. Job hopper.  These words are repeatedly used to describe the millennial generation—ironically by non-millennial “experts.” But millennials are assets, and guaranteed to be some of your most creative, bright, and fastest-ramping hires once you take the time to understand what drives them. What is Camp A or B? Simply, they are two opposing camps: One actively ... Read More »

The One Quality to Look for When Trying to Identify Top Talent

After meeting with 20 to 25 professionals on a weekly basis for nearly two years, a few patterns have surfaced from my pool of top candidates searching for permanent corporate positions. Of those patterns, there has been one crucial quality each has: polish. Polished candidates “get it.” They understand the inner workings of the corporate world and how to conduct themselves in it. But polish ... Read More »

10 Productivity-Boosting Apps to Help You Work Smarter

Digital distractions are altering the workplace. Employees today focus an average 59.5 seconds on one item before flipping to another—a drastic drop from the three minutes spent on a singular project 10 years ago. The simple solution is to avoid technology. Yet that isn’t realistic. Rather, the trick is to harness technology for good. Several apps can actually maximize your ... Read More »

6 Ways to Avoid a Bad Hire

A bad hire cost one in four employers at least $25,000 in the last year. But the loss wasn’t just monetary. Team morale, productivity, and client relationships suffer when companies hire too hastily—the repercussions as detrimental as the hire itself. How do you avoid the kind of mistake that can have a ripple effect across your organization? Consider these six ... Read More »