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6 Words to Avoid When Writing Your Resumé

You have six seconds to grab a recruiter’s attention, meaning every word on your resumé counts. With one quick scan, you want to compel a hiring manager into calling you; that requires strong action verbs, quantifying your achievements, and remembering to show, not tell. So, when writing your resumé, do not waste those precious six seconds on any of these ... Read More »

7 Tips for Becoming an Effective Networker

Knowing how to effectively network is key to building professional relationships. In today’s crowded job market, the phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” couldn’t ring more true. But what are the steps to building that initial foundation? How do you become an effective networker? Remember, It’s Quality Over Quantity  When you walk into a networking event, your ... Read More »

Her Campus Co-Founder Shares Top Tips for Internship Success

An internship, co-op, or Experiential Network project could be your gateway to a full-time job. Because of that, every step of the process is crucial, from how you address the hiring manager to how you handle yourself on the phone. Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, co-founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of Her Campus, a media company and young adult marketing agency, has helped ... Read More »

How to Ace Your Next Phone Interview

You caught the hiring manager’s attention with a resumé that was scannable, keyword rich, and grammatically flawless. But now, there’s a new challenge ahead: Acing the phone interview. Interview etiquette isn’t reserved for in-person meetings—you might not have the opportunity to impress potential employers face-to-face if you fumble the phone interview and let the line go dead. So, how do ... Read More »

10 Productivity-Boosting Apps to Help You Work Smarter

Digital distractions are altering the workplace. Employees today focus an average 59.5 seconds on one item before flipping to another—a drastic drop from the three minutes spent on a singular project 10 years ago. The simple solution is to avoid technology. Yet that isn’t realistic. Rather, the trick is to harness technology for good. Several apps can actually maximize your ... Read More »

How to Craft a Resumé That Will Attract Employers

Recruiters spend six seconds reviewing a resumé before deciding whether to contact a candidate—meaning layout is critical, keywords crucial, and typos an absolute deal breaker. If you want your resumé to make its way to the top of the pile, keep this advice top of mind. Formatting According to research conducted by job matching and career site The Ladders, recruiters spend ... Read More »

6 Ways to Avoid a Bad Hire

A bad hire cost one in four employers at least $25,000 in the last year. But the loss wasn’t just monetary. Team morale, productivity, and client relationships suffer when companies hire too hastily—the repercussions as detrimental as the hire itself. How do you avoid the kind of mistake that can have a ripple effect across your organization? Consider these six ... Read More »