Why Gaining Work Experience in College Is Crucial

When hiring new graduates, employers are weighing work experience in-line with academic credentials. Consulting firm Global Strategy Group released a study stating only four percent of college graduates are “very prepared” for the workforce. Graduating without any relevant work experience to the industry you are applying for is a very serious red flag. It shows a lack of professional awareness of what ... Read More »

Networking Tips for Every Stage of an International College Student’s Journey

College can be stressful, but also transformative and incredibly fun. Now, everyone’s experience is different and you should focus on choosing the right path for you, but nonetheless, as international students in the U.S., you have challenges your American counterparts do not. Shearwater has spoken to hundreds of international students; we know one of your greatest obstacles is a lack of preparation ... Read More »

6 Words to Avoid When Writing Your Resumé

You have six seconds to grab a recruiter’s attention, meaning every word on your resumé counts. With one quick scan, you want to compel a hiring manager into calling you; that requires strong action verbs, quantifying your achievements, and remembering to show, not tell. So, when writing your resumé, do not waste those precious six seconds on any of these ... Read More »

7 Tips for Becoming an Effective Networker

Knowing how to effectively network is key to building professional relationships. In today’s crowded job market, the phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” couldn’t ring more true. But what are the steps to building that initial foundation? How do you become an effective networker? Remember, It’s Quality Over Quantity  When you walk into a networking event, your ... Read More »

Her Campus Co-Founder Shares Top Tips for Internship Success

An internship, co-op, or Experiential Network project could be your gateway to a full-time job. Because of that, every step of the process is crucial, from how you address the hiring manager to how you handle yourself on the phone. Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, co-founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of Her Campus, a media company and young adult marketing agency, has helped ... Read More »