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A strong permanent endowment is the most important guarantee of Northeastern’s long-term excellence. Generation after generation, these funds ensure that students, professors, and alumni have the capability and resources to reach their full potential and positively shape the world.

An endowed gift cements a donor’s life-long relationship with Northeastern. Endowed funds are invested by the university to generate annual income in perpetuity for the purpose you specify. Gifts may be designated to support an academic program, scholarship, or research direction that is most personally meaningful to you.

Endowments may be named after the donor, or in honor of a loved one, and are often fulfilled through a multi-year commitment. Donors may create an endowed fund now, through an outright gift, or in the future, through a bequest or life income gift.

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Faculty Positions

The caliber of an academic institution rests upon the quality of its faculty, who are the lifeblood of the university. Like students, faculty are attracted to institutions that support their passion for inquiry and discovery.  Endowed chairs and professorships are the most powerful tools Northeastern has for recruiting and retaining top scholars, scientists, and professors.

To continue to compete effectively for the best minds, Northeastern must increase the number of endowed faculty positions.

Endowed chairs or professorships are the highest recognitions that an institution of higher education bestows on its faculty. But the value of endowed faculty positions go far beyond their worth in recognizing outstanding achievement. The endowments sustaining these positions free up general operating funds, giving Northeastern more flexibility in supporting the activities of its faculty, for example, providing discretionary funds for laboratory space and equipment.

Undergraduate Scholarships

JNortheastern is committed to providing an excellent education to students of promise — and at a cost within their reach. The students admitted to Northeastern are among the most talented in the nation. However, nearly all students require some kind of financial support to finance a private college education.

Northeastern offers a number of donor-supported student aid opportunities. Some scholarship awards are made through annual contributions; others are drawn from endowed scholarship funds.

Endowing a scholarship fund is one of the most important ways a donor can invest in the future of Northeastern students, and can be funded through any gift vehicle, including outright gifts (cash, securities, real estate, etc.) and planned giving instruments.

Consider establishing a named scholarship fund to forever tie the donor to Northeastern’s remarkable student community. Or, support an existing scholarship program, such as the Torch Scholars Program.

Visit the Torch Scholars Web site for more information about the program.

Graduate Fellowships

NNortheastern is one of the world’s major academic and research centers and graduate students are an essential component of this enterprise.

Graduate fellowships attract the very best applicants for graduate study, young men and women who will influence science, technology, and society itself as future leaders in education, research, and industry.

In fact, for many scholars, the choice of graduate school is strongly influenced by economic factors such as fellowship opportunities.

Graduate fellowships give exceptional students the flexibility and freedom to focus on their own research interests and pursue the cutting-edge education and interdisciplinary research for which Northeastern is known.

Because the principal is never spent, and only a portion of the income is used, an endowed graduate fellowship will provide income year after year, enabling Northeastern to recruit talented graduate students, even when fluctuations in the economy and changes in the political environment affect other sources of funding.

Interdisciplinary Research

JNortheastern has a distinguished history of focusing on applied research, translational research, and the intersection of the two. Our faculty work collaboratively to address critical economic, social, health, governmental and cultural needs. The university now aims to further develop its interdisciplinary research programs and increase the benefit to society.

Building on existing areas of faculty strength, Northeastern seeks gifts to foster scholarly excellence in four interdisciplinary fields of technological, economic and social significance:

  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Sensing and imaging
  • Urban affairs and public policy

Gifts to support research and discovery allow faculty to explore new ideas and unique opportunities rapidly, in areas that are personally meaningful to the donor. Investing in research early on yields many rewards, including greater funding from outside sources down the road. For these reasons, giving to research is one of the most meaningful ways a donor can invest in the advancement of knowledge and scientific discovery at Northeastern.

Academic Programs

JIn this rapidly evolving world, students are rarely challenged by convention. Northeastern must constantly strengthen and expand its academic programs to remain a leader in higher education and provide students with the education they seek. This continuous advancement is central to the University’s efforts to provide distinctive undergraduate and graduate programs that nurture student success in a global environment.

Donors are invited to make gifts that sustain and develop challenging, innovative, intellectually rigorous academic programs that integrate classroom studies with experiential learning opportunities, anchored by the nation’s largest, most innovative cooperative education program.

To this end, a number of investment opportunities exist to enhance teaching and promote student learning. Support may be directed to academic programs within schools and colleges that are most meaningful to you.

Capital Projects

JWhile outstanding people make an institution, the places in which they do their work have a profound effect on their ability to be exceptional.

To do their best work, Northeastern faculty and students need facilities and spaces that foster collaboration, innovation, and discovery.

Gifts to support capital projects and facility renovation enhance student life as well as the research and teaching capabilities of Northeastern faculty. As technology rapidly changes, gifts to modernize laboratory space and fund new equipment are also critical.