Experiential education that prepares lawyers to make a difference

Students choose Northeastern for the unique opportunity to work in multiple professional settings, and for our unwavering commitment to helping lawyers build a just society.

Through our signature Cooperative Legal Education Program (co-op), students are immersed in full-time legal work in law offices around the world. As they alternate between the classroom and co-op, students gain the superior knowledge and skills, ethical understanding, and cultural awareness they need to serve clients well. They also receive direct exposure to a profession radically transformed by technology—and to a global economy in which lawyers must work within, and provide legal representation for, complex organizations.

The Empower campaign will help our School of Law stay ahead of the change.

  • As part of a thriving, multi-faceted research university, we will seize leadership in the race to build interdisciplinary programs that place the law within the larger mosaic of the global economy. While enabling students to specialize in chosen areas and building centers of excellence in key fields, including health policy and law, we will recruit and support outstanding new faculty from diverse backgrounds.
  • Innovative financial aid programs have enabled our students to follow their dreams while delivering justice to those otherwise excluded from accessing legal assistance. Engaging the next generation will require greater student support in the form of scholarships; stipends for unpaid and overseas co-ops; and loan forgiveness, which empowers students to pursue important, fulfilling careers.
  • Our relationships with nearly 1,000 co-op employers provide unrivaled opportunities for mastering and spearheading change within the legal profession. We have founded NuLaw Lab, a “think-and-do tank” that employs structured creative processes to identify, implement, and assess solutions to contemporary problems facing legal education and the profession. We will embed innovative thinking and new technologies into our educational offerings to help students deliver legal services in more effective, efficient, and economical ways.

Please support the nation’s top experiential law school as we reimagine the role lawyers play in our increasingly interdisciplinary and interconnected world.



 “Northeastern law school has long led the way in experiential legal education, and in building a diverse, collaborative learning environment. The Empower campaign will position us as pioneers once again. With your support, we will champion faculty research and build a national model of legal education focused on designing fair and just institutions. Above all, we will expand opportunity for students to acquire the skills and experience necessary to advance the rule of law and make a real difference in people’s lives.

—Jeremy Paul, Dean


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