The hub of intellectual life on campus, redefining ‘library’ for future generations

With approximately 1.9 million visits annually, the library is at the heart of the university, connecting every student and faculty member with virtual and printed information, research instruction and guidance, resources and technology, and space for independent and collaborative study. Northeastern’s historic Empower campaign gives us the chance to extend and advance academic research by:

  • Expanding the digital library to preserve and broaden access to academic and creative works of the Northeastern community as well as to priceless archival collections from community and social justice groups;
  • Establishing partnerships with academic disciplines across the campus to organize and preserve data-driven research in innovative ways;
  • Reimagining study spaces, technology, software, and library services to better serve students and faculty, and to facilitate highest-level academic work; and
  • Acquiring the latest and most relevant collections, databases, books, and journals, in order to deliver the richest content
    possible to Northeastern’s global community.

Join us as we build the academic research library of the future. With the entire Northeastern community supporting our vision, we will be an illuminator of excellence and ideas for senior and emerging researchers on campus and around the world.

Libraries-WakelingPortrait“Northeastern’s library has evolved with the changing demands of our users, but the role of a library in the academic space remains crucial. Access to information drives results, and with resources comes opportunity. Your investments—in collections and databases, workspaces, research collaborations and partnerships, and digital preservation—will give our researchers tools essential for creating innovative solutions to today’s real-world problems.”

—Will Wakeling, Dean



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