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Redefining the liberal arts education from a global perspective

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities fosters critical thought and ethical reflection, preparing students to engage with political, socioeconomic, environmental, and other daunting challenges facing our contemporary world. The college also creates lifelong learners, men and women who appreciate the significance of history and culture, who know how to tackle problems from multiple angles, and who will step into careers that don’t yet exist.

Through the Empower campaign, our college will redefine liberal arts education, drawing on an experiential learning philosophy and global orientation. With your support, we will explore questions and problems that cross international boundaries. And we will nurture reason, diplomacy, and intellect by:

  • Providing scholarships for deserving students as well as stipends for students in low or unpaid research and international co-op positions, opening up to them opportunities to make the world a better place;
  • Attracting and retaining scholars in emerging interdisciplinary fields such as the digital humanities and computational social science; environmental sociology; and security and resilience studies;
  • Investing in exceptional graduate students by providing fellowships, seed  funding for research, and faculty mentoring; and
  • Offering creative educational programming and events through the Northeastern Humanities Center to engage our community, applying the lessons of literature, philosophy, and history to tackle real-world problems.

Join us in this historic campaign to educate global citizens and to empower the political, social, and cultural leaders of tomorrow. Become a champion of the liberal arts.

CSSH-PoigerPortrait“In linking a rigorous academic experience to co-op and other experiential programs, the College of Social Sciences and Humanities amplifies the value of the liberal arts to our culturally diverse, global society. Your investment will drive rigorous intellectual inquiry and enlightened discourse.”

—Uta G. Poiger, Dean



To learn how you can become a leadership supporter of Northeastern’s Empower campaign and the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, contact:


Carol Giusti-Cahalane
Director of Development




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