Preparing leaders and professionals for the global economy

Through the Empower campaign, Northeastern aims to become the leading provider of professional education for working adults, extending its reach to students across the globe.

Since its founding in 1960 as the University College, the College of Professional Studies has made high quality, career-centered higher education accessible to working adults. Today, we challenge a new generation of students with degrees that prepare students to apply theory to practice, and practice to theory.

We invite the support of the Northeastern community to achieve our goals:

  • To create next-generation, experiential, hybrid learning models—in person, online, and around the world—for generations of lifelong learners and leaders, supported by scholarship aid;
  • To build on our fundamental strengths by investing in students who deserve the chance to re-envision their academic future through a rigorous, year-long freshman curriculum;
  • To establish a dynamic center for the study of innovation in higher education—one that will disseminate new knowledge and drive in what and how we learn.

Join us in an unprecedented campaign to redefine education for all career-oriented, goal-directed students and professionals.

loeffelholz“Northeastern has always reached out to ambitious students seeking knowledge who, for various reasons, are unable to study in a traditional, on-campus program. In evening classes, in cities and towns across Massachusetts, we first connected students to a Northeastern degree. Today we are doing so through online programs and pathways for international students, bringing a modern education to students from Boston to Hong Kong.”

—Mary Loeffelholz, Dean



To learn how you can become a leadership supporter of the Empower campaign and the College of Professional Studies, contact:

EmpowerWeb-CPS_CarlaKindtHS-CroppedCarla Kindt
Director of Development




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