Addressing grand challenges through high-impact research

With your support in the Empower campaign, the College of Engineering will build on proven excellence in experiential education and use-inspired research. Our faculty and students will continue pushing boundaries in cornerstone disciplines, and in new and emerging fields they will revolutionize engi­neering education and research.

New bio-machine interfaces will improve our quality of life. Resilient technologies will secure our homes and workplaces. Advanced prediction systems will ensure the sustainability of our communities. These are just a few ways in which our work promises to transform lives.

The following are among our highest priorities:

Student support and experiential programs: We seek to strengthen global experiential programs, combining a deeper mastery of engineering fundamentals with a global cultural and technological understanding and a spirit of entrepreneurship. Equipped with a broad skill set, our graduates will thrive, demonstrating business acumen and an elevated sense of social responsibility.

Faculty: We will invest in additional highly creative faculty, rising professors, and graduate students, who work together at the intersection of disciplines to address engineering challenges in health, security, and sustainability. We will recruit leaders who can move effortlessly within the many dimensions of their disciplines as grand problems are solved and new challenges emerge.

Research: We aim to boldly seize opportunities that exist at the convergence of engineering, the life sciences, and the physical sciences. Our aim is to develop sci­en­tific solu­tions to real-​​world challenges—and turn great ideas into products that improve human lives.

With your support, new research collaborations will coalesce within existing and future research centers and institutes, addressing issues and challenges related to dwindling energy reserves, national security, coastal urban sustainability, transportation, and poverty. We will also devise biomachines that improve health in the U.S. and developing countries.

Please join us as we revolutionize engineering—and build a better world.

COE-AubryPortrait“The College of Engineering is focused on revolutionary impact. Our students and faculty are creating technologies to address the grand challenges of our time, here in the U.S. and around the globe. This campaign will empower people at the forefront of engineering fields of the future to be entrepreneurs, innovators, and global leaders—and incite the next wave of discoveries to stunningly transform our lives.”

—Nadine Aubry, Dean



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