AEmpowering Creative Leaders

With a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, the College of Arts, Media and Design drives creative thinking, action, and leadership in communications and the arts. Through your support of the Empower campaign, we will foster growth and innovation in the fine and graphic arts; theatre and music; digital communications and journalism; architecture; and game design.

Exploring the spaces between disciplines, we will shape global cultures and marketplaces. Your critical investments in our college will:

Engage and Collaborate. Showcase interdisciplinary productions that bring together the power of theatre, music and art through our Center for the Arts. Develop, with seed funding, innovative visual interpretations of big data. Help create games and play experiences that raise social awareness and make inroads against global-scale problems, from poverty to climate change.

Ignite World-Class Scholarship. Bring exceptional undergraduate and graduate students to Northeastern with scholarships, support for co-ops and other experiential learning programs, and fellowships. Help sustain research by visionary academic leaders with professorships, chairs, early-faculty development support, and innovation funds.

Reimagine Education. Help meet the demands of our world economy with new degree programs—master’s degrees in sustainable urban environments, for example, or in information design and visualization. Refine teaching and learning technologies. Expand access to hybrid education, online and on site. Create spaces that spark innovation, from a cutting-edge television studio to an interdisciplinary sculpture park that incorporates drawings, prints, writings, and video, as well as events.

Partner with us. Be part of a campaign to transform the creative process itself. Your engagement can spark innovation and discovery among new generations of bright, inventive, exceptional professionals.

hudson“The College of Arts, Media and Design encompasses an exhilarating array of creative disciplines that offer inspiring opportunities for flexible, innovative approaches to higher education. With excellent faculty and substantive links to business and technology, the college is poised to reimagine the role and function of the arts and creativity in higher education, and indeed the world.

—Elizabeth Hudson, Dean



To learn how you can become a leadership supporter of the Empower campaign and the College of Arts, Media and Design, please contact:

Carla Kindt
Interim Director of Development




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