Building fit, healthy bodies and minds through competition and play

Why is a robust athletics program essential to an outstanding college experience—and a priority for Northeastern’s Empower campaign? Through enduring lessons learned on the field, our student-athletes cultivate health, strength, determination, and records of achievement in their physical as well as professional and intellectual lives.

The Department of Athletics and Recreation is dedicated to providing student-athletes with the finest resources available to help them achieve excellence. Our campaign goals include recruiting student-athletes and coaches of the highest caliber; devising innovative training methods; enriching our leadership development curriculum and academic support programs; and expanding facilities for both competition and recreation.

By supporting athletics, you will invest in the ability of gifted young men and women to compete, collaborate, and lead. With your help, we will:

  • Build all facets of the program, from leadership development to facilities, to enable student-athletes to compete at the highest levels in Division I athletics, including men’s and women’s basketball, rowing, and ice hockey;
  • Instill leadership and competition through club sports and a lifelong commitment to physical activity through recreation;
  • Recruit and retain exceptional coaches, who as mentors will challenge student-athletes to fulfill their athletic and academic potential while also nurturing their personal development.

You can empower Huskies to rise to every challenge in the rink, on the court, and across the playing fields. Please support our teams as they reach for victory and achieve their personal best.

Men’s Rowing 50th Anniversarycrew

On April 25, alumni, parents, friends, and current oarsmen celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Northeastern men’s rowing program. They came together to share their team pride and to secure the future of men’s rowing at the university with an alumni regatta on the Charles River and festivities on campus at Matthews Arena.

Invest in men’s rowing and make a gift today. 


AthleticsRobyPortrait“Athletics at Northeastern is dedicated to helping every student-athlete attain skill, confidence, and personal success, in competition and in the classroom. Through the Empower campaign, we will prepare gifted young men and women for lifelong achievement, and will inspire them to contribute to their world through determined effort, teamwork, and leadership.”

Peter Roby, Director of Athletics and Recreation



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