The Empower campaign propels us into our next century, inspiring us to dream big—and to realize our highest aspirations. With your help, we will achieve that, and more.



Nasella_HenryHENRY NASELLA, UC’77, H’08

Chair, Board of Trustees


After more than a century of Northeastern’s leadership in experienced-based learning, the world has realized the power of learning by doing.

DAmore_RichardRICH D’AMORE, DMSB’76

Campaign Co-chair


Great ideas are a dime a dozen. What matters most is having the guts and drive to take action, to make your dream real. And that’s what Northeastern does best.

mckimALAN McKIM, DMSB’88

Campaign Co-chair


I’ve learned that the greatest success stories are built by teams. Now is Northeastern’s time to strengthen its team—and tap into the ‘power of we.’

MacGillivray_DianeDIANE MacGILLIVRAY

Senior Vice President for University Advancement


The Empower campaign is about taking what’s always been best about Northeastern and making it better.