Student Support
& Financial Aid

Northeastern's robust financial aid programs and broad academic, athletic, and cultural offerings help attract a diverse and talented student body. You can help bring the most deserving students to campus—and support our signature global co-op, study-abroad, service-learning, student-research, athletics, and campus-life enrichment programs.

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Faculty Advancement
& Expansion

Distinguished faculty define a great university. To compete for world-class senior and junior teachers and researchers, Northeastern seeks endowment funds for chairs and professorships. Philanthropy will also enable "cluster hiring"—assembling teams of faculty researchers who can work across disciplines and define new fields: Law and health sciences, for example. Physics and digital media. Or sociology, anthropology, and international affairs.

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Innovation in Education
& Research

Ever since cooperative education began, over a century ago, innovation has fueled creativity at Northeastern. Our legacy as a change agent is evident in our pioneering online learning programs and in our research, in realms from nanomanufacturing and chemical and biological analysis to subsurface sensing and imaging. With your support, Northeastern will continue taking bold, calculated risks—the kind that revolutionize learning and open new lines of inquiry.

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The Power of We

Unprecedented in its scope and ambition, Empower: The Campaign for Northeastern is about people empowering people. Fueled by the “power of we”—alumni, parents, friends, faculty, students, and staff, corporate and industry partners—our students and faculty will master and create knowledge that improves lives.

Northeastern’s momentum has been extraordinary, but the best is yet to come.

Joseph E. Aoun, President

Nohemi Moctezuma


“I’m the first college graduate in my family, thanks to the Northeastern supporters who funded my Torch Scholarship.”

Elizabeth and Patrick Rivelli, Sr.

With a scholarship gift to the College of Arts, Media and Design, a proud family honors its alumni—Elizabeth, AMB’16, and Patrick Rivelli, Sr., E’59.

Jim and Amie Smith

Jim and Amie Smith share what he calls “our NU DNA.” Recently, they endowed a scholarship in journalism and made a gift to the Dean’s Innovation Fund at the library, where the couple first connected.


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