Emergency Information

Weather update | January 04, 2018, 5:15 p.m.

Friday classes canceled, offices closed at Massachusetts campuses

Classes will be canceled and administrative offices will be closed on Friday, Jan. 5, at Northeastern’s Massachusetts campuses as the region weathers heavy snow, high winds, and coastal flooding from powerful Winter Storm Grayson.

The university’s snow team continues to work around the clock to manage the effects of the storm, maintain a safe campus, and provide essential services. Keeping non-essential operations closed on Friday will ensure that our students, faculty, and staff do not take undue risk getting to work, that our snow team can continue with making the campus safe and passable, and that the university can fully prepare the campus for student move-in this weekend.
Dangerously cold temperatures are expected across the region throughout the weekend. Members of the university community are encouraged to use extreme caution. While supervisors should assure that there is continuity of critical university functions, the safety of our community is our top priority and staff may work remotely if feasible and appropriate.
Online classes remain unaffected and will continue to be accessible to students. All activities at Northeastern’s regional campuses in Charlotte, Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Toronto will continue as scheduled.
Here is an updated Friday schedule for a range of Boston campus services and programs:

Stetson East dining hall will be open (7 a.m.–7 p.m.); all other dining locations will be closed
Library and Student Center:
Snell Library and Curry Student Center will maintain normal hours of operation
Marino Center will be open (noon–10 p.m.); Badger and Rosen SquashBusters Center will be closed; up-to-date recreation facility hours, which may change due to the storm, can be found at www.northeastern.edu/campusrec/ or 617.373.4433
New-student orientation will be postponed, but Welcome Week events will continue as planned, including Taste of Boston (International Village, 5 p.m.) and Winter Blast (Curry Student Center, 7 p.m.); additional orientation and Welcome Week information is available at www.northeastern.edu/orientation/
The men’s basketball game against Elon (Matthews Arena, 7 p.m.) and the men’s hockey game at Bentley will continue as scheduled; any changes to the athletics schedule will be posted to GoNU.com
We are closely monitoring the weather and will provide any additional updates to the campus community via email, social media, and the university homepage.

Emergency Contact Information

Northeastern University is committed to providing members of its community with a safe and secure place in which to live, work and study.

The University is prepared to respond to emergencies and urgent situations that require immediate action. A trained team of police officers, EMTs, health and counseling experts, student affairs and residential life staff, and other professionals form a coordinated group that is able to manage a wide range of potential situations.

NU ALERT – Emergency broadcast communication messages

In case of emergency or crisis situations that require immediate notification, University officials will deploy the NU ALERT system, which sends email, voicemail and text messages to students, faculty and staff. NU ALERT is intended to communicate pertinent information and, when appropriate, provide directions to those in the affected area(s).

Examples of crisis situations range from snow storms to national emergencies that have a local impact.

PLEASE NOTE: The NU ALERT system broadcasts messages to the email addresses and telephone numbers students, faculty and staff have provided the University. It is important that the information is accurate and up to date. Students, faculty and staff can change or update their contact information by logging into the portal at www.myneu.neu.edu and following the instructions. The information you provide is kept completely confidential and will only be used to provide updates to the NU ALERT system.
Important contact information

NUPD – Northeastern University’s Public Safety Division

Emergency Number
Police, fire and medical emergency (617) 373-3333

Non-Emergency Police Number
(617) 373-2121
(617) 373-5761 (Fax)
(617) 373-3934 (TTY)

Personal Safety Escort Program
(617) 373-2121
Provides personal safety escorts for persons walking from one point on campus to another, and traveling from the campus to their off-campus residence after dark (within one mile of the campus).

Snow Emergencies
(617) 373-2000

+1 312.470.3108 – Northeastern WorldAware

Contact Northeastern WorldAware’s 24/7 assistance hotline for medical and security assistance and information abroad. For more information about WorldAware, click here. International collect calls are accepted. 

If you require the immediate services of first responders in your location abroad, you will need to know how to contact the police, an ambulance, and/or the fire department. Not every country uses “911” as its emergency contact number. To find the emergency contact number for your location, refer to travel.state.gov/destination. Select or search for your location and look for the emergency number under “Safety and Security.” Please be advised that English-speaking operators may not be available. If you are unsure about the quality or availability of emergency response services in your location, contact WorldAware for guidance.

We Care Support System
(617) 373-4384

We Care is in place to aid departments in developing their own systems to deal with student crisis, as well as to aid faculty and staff who request guidance in identifying existing Northeastern resources for students.

Location: 104 Ell Hall, Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs
Open Monday through Friday.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Human Resources Management
Location: 250 Columbus Place

The Center for Spirituality, Dialog, and Service
(617) 373-2728 
Location: 2nd and 3rd floors of Ell Hall
Open seven days a week.

University Health and Counseling Services
(617) 373-2772
Location: Forsyth Building on Forsyth Street, Suite 135.
Open Monday through Saturday.