The electron microscopy facility is a multidisciplinary research and educational core facility within the College of Science at Northeastern University. Currently it maintains three electron microscopes including high-resolution transmission electron microscope (TEM) JEOL 2010F, high-contrast TEM JEOL JEM-1010, and high-resolution field emission scanning electron microscope (SEM) Hitachi S-4800 as well as a biological sample preparation lab. The EM facility supports educational and research needs for students and faculty within Northeastern University community as well as provides electron microscopy related services for other universities, institutes and industry.

The Electron Microscopy Facility has had a long history of instruction in electron microscopy dating back to 1964 with the initiation of a series of summer short courses that emphasized biological preparation techniques as the central theme. The Biology Department at Northeastern University continues this mission today by offering a graduate level course centered on biological applications in electron microscopy.

Bill Fowle, the EM center manager is an established electron microscopist with over 30 years of experience involving the application of TEM and SEM in the life sciences as well as on polymeric materials. His course Bio3601 Biological Electron Microscopy is offered every fall semester and is open to graduate and advanced undergraduate students. This course addresses specimen preparation techniques, as well as the principles, design, and operation of TEMs and SEMs. Students who have completed this course are certified to utilize the equipment in the EM facility for independent research projects.

Two members of the Physics Department spearhead faculty guidance of the facility. Professor Srinivas Sridar who’s research efforts in Nanomedicine and NanoOptics led him to direct the interdisciplinary efforts to obtain the Hitachi S-4800 FESEM and Professor Meni Wanunu, who’s research involving the drilling of nanopores in SiN membrane led to the acquisition of the HRTEM JEOL 2010F.

Northeastern’s Electron Microscopy Core Facility welcomes classes, research groups and public for arranged demonstrations and lab tours. SEM and TEM training is available for small groups or individual users on an as needed basis.