WELCOME to the *NEW* EH&S Laboratory Management Portal, Powered by BIORAFT, is HERE!



What changed?

EH&S is transitioning to a new and improved Safety Management System. The change will happen in stages.

The TRAINING feature is the first one to go live as of January 2, 2019.

  • Where is my training history? Why can’t I see it all?

None of your training records are lost. We have all of them. Most have been loaded into the new portal, the rest will be loaded by January 7th. We thank you for your patience as we explain our new system to your lab managers and principal investigators.

  • I don’t recognize all of the course names. What happened?

January 2019 features a number of newly acquired and revised courses. We apply credit for past courses that line up with the new courses. Here are a few examples:

Chemical Hygiene 1 and 2 is now Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety

Hand and Power Tool Safety is now Shop Safety

  • Why do some of the programs have University of California logos?

Northeastern University is now a member of the Safety Training Consortium (STC) which produces, with member input, a large portfolio of quality laboratory, occupational and environmental health training programs. NU is in the process of editing and modifying a number of programs for our community.

  • I found an error in a training program. What should I do?

Please send an email to j.tessler@northeastern.edu. Your observations matters to us. Feedback will be incorporated into the next round of program revisions.




Can’t Log in? Read this message.

Please note the following: The EH&S Training Portal is accessible to everyone with an active Northeastern ID, or “NUID”. You must be a current faculty member, staffmember, student, or sponsored account holder to access the system. 

If you have both a staff and a student account, then please use your staff account to log-in. 

If you are an alumna/us, visitor or do not fall into any of the above categories, and are unable to log in, then you will need to obtain a sponsored account (with an NU email) through your supervisor. Go to the Sponsored Account page for more information.