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____ Are flammable liquids stored in a flammable storage refrigerator? Flammable liquids requiring refrigeration must be stored in refrigerators appropriate for flammable storage.
____ Are chemical hood inflow unobstructed? If not, remove items blocking inflow?
____ Do vacuum pumps or other equipment have proper safe guards (belt guards, etc)?
____ Are electrical cord(s) in good condition? If not, contact Facilities Customer Services at x2754 to have them fixed.



____ Are peroxide-forming chemical(s) stored with in recommended shelf life? If not, manage appropriately or arrange for disposal.
____ Are incompatible chemicals and/or hazardous waste stored separately?
____ Are stock solutions and/or hazardous wastes properly labeled? Full and complete chemical names are required under OSHA and EPA regulations.
____ Are label(s) on chemical containers readable and secure? If not, replace label on container.



____ Is access to safety equipment unblocked (e.g. safety shower, fire blanket)?
____ Are all ceiling tile(s) in place? If not, replace tile or call Facilities Customer Services at x2754, as this problem impacts the performance of your sprinkler system.
____ Are fire blankets or fire extinguishers properly mounted on wall? If not, call Facilities Customer Services at x2754 to have it remounted.



____ Are exit doors or egress passageways unblocked? If not, remove and relocate item blocking door or egress.
____ Are compressed gases properly secured? If not, secure tightly with chains or brackets above the center of gravity of the cylinder.
____ Are shelf or shelving in laboratory in good condition? If not, call Facilities Customer Services at x2754 to arrange repair.
____ Are sharps being disposed of safely?



____ Have all workers in laboratory received documented chemical hygiene and/or hazardous waste training? If not, contact EHS at x2769 to arrange for training.
____ Are all SDS’s and a written Chemical Hygiene Plan available in the laboratory? If not, call EHS at x2769 or print out a copy from our website.
____ Are NFPA emergency sign on door kept up to date? If not, please advise EHS of any changes in emergency contacts or hazards in the laboratory.



____ Are food items not stored and consumed in laboratory? Storage or consumption of food is prohibited in all laboratories where hazardous chemicals are stored or used. Food items used for research or teaching should be labeled as such.
____ Is there good housekeeping in laboratory?
____ Is there personal protective equipment available?



____ Is hazardous waste routinely disposed? If not, call EHS at x2769 or use our on-line hazardous waste disposal request form located at: Request Form.
____ Are containers compatible with the waste being accumulated? If not, replace containers with those that are appropriate with the waste being accumulated.
____ Are caps or bungs kept secure on containers when in storage? Make sure all containers are kept covered except when filling or emptying containers.
____ Is hazardous waste properly labeled and identified? All hazardous waste must have the following: 1) date when filled, 2) full name of chemicals being accumulated along with their hazard(s), and 3) the words “hazardous waste” on the label.
____ Is hazardous waste stored in a designated area? Identify a specific area to keep hazardous waste for storage until pick-up is made.
____ Is secondary containment used in laboratories with floor drains or other areas with potential release to the sewer system? Use secondary containment such as plastic tubs or store in flammable storage cabinets that already provide for secondary containment.
____ Is waste minimization practice currently implemented in laboratory? Call EHS for further guidance or go to this link for additional information: Waste Minimization.



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