In order to resume lab operations, Principal Investigators must complete a pair of short self-inspection checklists on the Northeastern Laboratory Management Platform BioRAFT. The items covered on these self-inspection checklists are critical to ensuring each laboratory and all personnel are prepared to get back to work safely.


How Do I Complete My Self-Inspection (please read first)

Laboratory Reopening Self-Inspection Guide

Substage I: Checklist of Requirements to Get Done at Home

The tasks for this substage must be completed at any point before physically returning to campus. The Substage 1 Laboratory Reopening Checklist is focused on updating your BioRAFT laboratory profile and each task must be completed in BioRAFT before you start the self-inspection to verify your completion. This checklist includes the following requirements:

1. Confirm biosafety registrations are current and up to date.

2. Review your chemical hygiene plan and upload into BioRAFT.

3. Ensure all lab members have completed all required training including refresher training if it is due for completion.

4. Designated group compliance liaison (aka Lab Safety Officer) is assigned for your lab.

5. Lab hazard information is recertified in 2020.

6. Lab member list is up to date and confirmed.

7. NFPA emergency response door sign information and emergency contact information is up to date for each lab space.

Laboratory Reopening Checklist – Substage I Guides

1. Biosafety Registration Guide The Biosafety Registration Guide is a comprehensive document that provides step by step instructions on how to complete and submit a biosafety registration in BioRAFT.  If you have questions or need assistance transferring your biosafety registration, submitting a new registration, an amendment or renewal, please don’t hesitate to contact the Biosafety Team at for support.

2. Uploading Chemical Hygiene Plan Guide

3. Review Lab Member Training Status Guide

4. Designating A Group Compliance Liaison Guide

5. Lab Hazard Profile Re-Certification Guide

6. Confirmation of Laboratory Member List Guide

7. Updating NFPA Door Sign Guide

Substage II: On-campus activities to be completed in the lab once campus access is granted by your ADR

This must be completed and approved before research operations may resume. The Laboratory Reopening Checklist is hosted on BioRAFT and will require a confirmation of the following:

1. Certifications are up to date for critical engineering controls with an emphasis on biosafety cabinets and fume hoods.

2. Emergency response equipment/materials are available and operational with an emphasis on spill-response materials, first aid supplies, eyewashes, and safety showers.

3. All hazardous material storage locations and containers have been inspected, with an emphasis on high hazard materials, such as peroxide-forming chemicals.

4. Satellite accumulation areas are properly set up, free of leaks, and ready for accumulation and storage of hazardous waste.


Access to the BioRAFT platform

Research Resumption Application

NU COVID-19 Protection Planning for Research