The University is committed to providing a safer environment for learning, teaching and research.  The goals of the university’s Laboratory Safety Program are to:

•   Support the protection of faculty, staff and students from exposure to hazardous materials through education, training, consultation and guidance. 

•    Support Principal Investigators to establish laboratory procedures that are conducted in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

•   Support Principal Investigators and Academic Departments to comply with federal, state and local regulations.

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Department Safety Officers (DSOs) As of January 19, 2021
Chair/ Director
Department Safety Officers
Art & DesignAndrea RaynorBruce Hamilton

Barnett InstitutePenny BeuningRoman Manetsch

BioengineeringLee MakowskiIan Armstrong

BiologyJonathan TillyYunrong Chai

CDD, School of Pharmacy (Bio)Alexandros MakriyannisNikolai Zvonok

CDD, School of Pharmacy (NMR)Alexandros MakriyannisSergiy Tyukhtenko

Center for Drug Discovery, School of Pharmacy (Chem)Alexandros MakriyannisMike Malamas

Chemistry & Chemical Biology (Lab Safety)Penny BeuningRoman Manetsch

Chemistry & Chemical Biology (Lab Space)Penny BeuningRichard Pumphrey
Chemical EngineeringRebecca WillitsLexi Hamsmith

Civil & Environmental EngineeringJerome HajjarRozanna Riley

Rozanna Riley

Electrical & Computer EngineeringSrinivas TadigadapaPatrick Connolly

Health SciencesShan MohammedGregory Cloutier

Kostas Facility for Micro and NanofabricationSomu, SivaScott McNamara

KRIPeter BoyntonMichelle Yung

Marine & Environmental Sciences (Boston)Geoffrey TrussellMalcolm Hill

Marine & Environmental Sciences (Nahant)Geoffrey TrussellRyan Hill

Mechanical & Industrial EngineeringMarilyn MinusJack Greenfield

Pharmaceutical ScienceGanesh Thakur Ralph Loring

Physical Therapy (Research Labs)Kristin Curry GreenwoodRobert Sikes

Physical Therapy (Clinical Teaching Labs)Kristin Curry GreenwoodMary Hickey

Physical Therapy (Cadaver Lab)Kristin Curry GreenwoodStephen Clark

PhysicsMark WilliamsBryan Spring


Joanne MillerRichard Melloni Jr.