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Waste Minimization

The U.S. Congress has made waste minimization a national policy and goal of each waste generator. You as a user of chemicals, have the responsibility to minimize the waste you generate. Waste minimization has benefits such as decreasing your exposure to hazardous substances, protection of the environment, and the overall reduction in the cost of disposal which frequently can exceed the original cost of the chemical by 4 to 20 times. Waste minimization includes such things as changing procedures, reducing scale and substituting materials. In addition, if you have chemicals that you no longer have a use for and feel it could be recycled within the University, please contact EHS. A Chemical Recycling Redistribution List is now available to allow chemicals to be reused across campus rather than being disposed of as a hazardous waste.

Chemical Recycling Guide for BioRAFT’s ChemTracker Module

Chemical Recycling Guide

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