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Hazardous Waste Management


Starting April 22nd, 2019, ALL hazardous waste pickup requests must be submitted through the Hazardous Waste  link on your laboratory’s BioRAFT profile. 

The University is committed to providing a safe and healthful learning, teaching and research environment. The goals of the University’s hazardous waste program are to:

•   Protect faculty, staff and students from exposure to hazardous wastes

•   Manage all wastes in a safe and environmentally responsible manner

•   Minimize the amount of hazardous waste being generated in teaching, research

     and facility areas

•   Identify pollution prevention strategies to minimize or eliminate the University’s

     impact on the environment

•   Comply with federal, state and local regulations

Fact Sheets

Labels, Postings, and Forms

Spill Plans

Waste Minimization

Tools and General Information


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