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Forms, Factsheets and Guides

Autoclave Waste LabelBiological SafetyWaste labels for autoclave treatment that can be disposed of as non-hazardous waste.
Biological Registration Form 2018Biological SafetyRegistration for biological experiments that would need the approval of either the Institutional Biosafety Committee or the Biosafety Review Committee.
Biosafety Registration Amendment 2018Biological SafetyAmendment for registration regarding significant changes to the biological protocols; procedures and/or organisms.
Equipment Decontamination FormBiosafetyEquipment Decontamination Form
EH&S in the Arts: A Guide for K-12 Schools, Colleges and ArtisansGeneral SafetyEnvironmental health and safety information and training pertaining to the hazardous materials, hazardous substances and hazardous waste found in various art mediums and processes.
Emergency GuideGeneral SafetyEmergency Guide
Hazardous Waste Disposal TipsGeneral SafetyHousehold Hazardous Waste Disposal Tips
Healthy Alternative FormGeneral SafetyHealthy alternatives for a cleaner greener home.
Indoor Air Quality ChecklistGeneral SafetyIndoor air quality management checklist.
Northeastern University's Whistleblower Policy 2012General SafetyWhistleblower Policy
Safety Guide for Art StudiosGeneral SafetySafety guide geared towards art studios outlining potential hazards and methods for controlling exposures.
EPA Lists of Lists: Hazardous SubstancesLaboratory SafetyEPA's consolidated list of chemicals subject to the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA), Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) and Section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act.
Hazardous Chemical Registration FormLaboratory SafetyRegistration form for regulated chemicals or chemicals with a high acute or chronic toxicity.
Hazards Communication Standards Pictograms and HazardsLaboratory SafetyHazard communication standard pictograms consisting of a symbol on a white background framed within a red border and represents a distinct hazard(s).
TURA ChemicalsLaboratory SafetyMassachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA) chemical list.
Request for Radiation Exposure HistoryRadiation SafetyRequest for radiation exposure history pertaining to work at a specific facility. Includes dosimetry and bioassay reports.
Checklist and Agreement Form for Non-Radiation WorkersRadiation SafetyPrinciple investigator checklist and agreement form for non-radiation workers to perform assignments in the laboratory.
Area Survey RecordRadiation SafetyRecord of radiation levels for laboratories.
Inventory RecordRadiation SafetyInventory record for radioactive materials.
Radiation Spill Documentation FormRadiation SafetySpill documentation form for minor and major spills only relating to radioactive material, when there are no other emergency situations involved in the spill.
Record of Radioactive MaterialsRadiation SafetyInventory record for radioactive materials.
Sink Disposal LogsRadiation SafetySink disposal logs applying to the disposal of radioactive materials into the laboratory drains with permissible disposal concentrations.
Environmental Health & Safety Required Safety TrainingTrainingEnvironmental Health and Safety's required training for personnel pertaining to the specific conditions of the laboratory.
Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards 2007Environmental ProtectionStandards issued by the Department of Homeland Security to identify facilities that may be high risk.
Chemicals of Interest ListEnvironmental ProtectionDepartment of Homeland Security's list of potentially dangerous chemicals.
Northeastern University TSCA Fact SheetEnvironmental ProtectionNortheastern University's guidelines on the Toxic Substance Control Act.
DOT Shipping LabelsHazardous Material ShippingDepartment of Transport labels for transporting flammables, corrosives, oxidizers, and other dangerous materials.
DOT's Hazardous Material TableHazardous Material ShippingDepartment of Transport table of hazardous materials organized by name and hazard class.
Hazardous Material Shipping Declaration FormHazardous Material ShippingShipping declaration form for chemical, radiological, or biological hazardous waste.
Materials of Trade BrochureHazardous Material ShippingBrochure on shipping various types of hazardous materials.
Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous GoodsHazardous Material ShippingShipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods
Various Labels, Postings, and Forms Regarding Hazardous Material ShippingHazardous Material ShippingLabels and forms for various forms of waste; Autoclaved Waste Labels, Empty Container Label – 5 Gallon Pails, Bottles and Small Cans, Decay Storage Waste Labels, Drug Enforcement Administration Form 41, Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Area Posting, Hazardous Waste Disposal Labels, Recycling Labels, Regulated Recyclable Material Labels, Universal Waste Labels.
Broken Thermometers and Sphygmometers Fact SheetHazardous Material ManagementFact sheet for broken thermometers and sphygmometers.
Empty Containers Fact SheetHazardous Material ManagementFact sheet for empty containers.
Ethidium BromideHazardous Material ManagementFact sheet for ethidium bromide.
Fluorescent LampsHazardous Material ManagementFact sheet for fluorescent lamps.
Hazardous WasteHazardous Material ManagementFact sheet for hazardous waste.
Management of Paint and Paint-Related MaterialsHazardous Material ManagementFact sheet for the management of paint and paint-related materials.
Management of Unwanted Compressed GasesHazardous Material ManagementFact sheet for the management of unwanted compressed gases.
Manifest SigningHazardous Material ManagementFact sheet for manifest signing.
Photographic FixerHazardous Material ManagementFact sheet for photographic fixer.
Scheduled DrugsHazardous Material ManagementFact sheet for scheduled drugs.
Sodium AzideHazardous Material ManagementFact sheet for sodium azide.
Northeastern's Contingency PlanHazardous Material ManagementTable of contents for Northeastern University's Contingency Plan for the response, resources available, and methods for various emergencies that could occur on campus.
Northeastern's SPCC PlanHazardous Material ManagementTable of contents for Northeastern University's Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure plan to establish the procedures and equipment required to prevent the discharge of oil.
EPA's Chemical Compatibility ChartHazardous Material ManagementEPA's Chemical Compatibility Chart for determining the compatibility of chemical mixtures.
Empty Container Flow ChartHazardous Material ManagementA flow chart for determining the proper disposal method for empty containers.
Hazardous Waste Listed and Characteristic WasteHazardous Material ManagementTables to decide whether you have a hazardous waste, and determine whether your waste has certain characteristics or appears on one of several lists.
List of Non-Hazardous WasteHazardous Material ManagementStanford University's list of non-hazardous chemical waste and proper disposal methods.
Northeastern's Waste Disposal MatrixHazardous Material ManagementNortheastern University's table of various types of waste and the proper methods needed to dispose of the waste.
Solvent RecyclingHazardous Material ManagementA PowerPoint on solvent recycling in an academic research setting.
MWRA Sewer Use RegulationsEnvironmental ProtectionThe rules and regulations of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority governing the discharge of sewage, drainage, substances, and wastes into any sewer.
MWRA Laboratory Posting for Prohibited Wastewater DischargeEnvironmental ProtectionThe Massachusetts Water Resources Authority's laboratory posting for prohibited wastewater discharge.
Department Safety Officers ListLaboratory SafetyA list of the department safety officers (DSO), last updated March 14, 2019
Equipment Decontamination FormLaboratory SafetyEquipment Decontamination Form
Laboratory Work Order Checklist FormLaboratory SafetyWork order checklist for lab staff to affix to work area.

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