Northeastern University is conveniently located in the heart of Boston, 6.5 miles from Boston Logan International Airport with access to multiple subway and bus lines on the main campus. Area attractions include the Museum of Fine Arts, Symphony Hall, Fenway Park, and many shopping and dining destinations. The Northeastern Campus has multiple à la carte dining options as well as two convenience stores. Additional grocers and pharmacies are located within a ten-minute walk from campus.


Northeastern University is centrally located among the following three stops of the MBTA subway system: the Green Line E, “Northeastern,” stop; the Green Line E, “Museum of Fine Arts,” stop; and the Orange Line, “Ruggles,” stop. Accommodations are located on NU’s main campus.


Click here for driving directions from the airport, or via multiple highways that will bring you to the center of campus.

Arrival & Departures

All Participants:

When first arriving at the campus on the day of your scheduled arrival, YOU MUST FIRST REPORT TO WEST VILLAGE A – North (500 Parker St, Boston, MA 02115) to check-in with NU Intern Housing staff– REGARDLESS OF WHICH RESIDENCE HALL YOU’VE BEEN ASSIGNED TO. This is the location of NU Intern Housing central check-in. Residence hall locations will be provided to you via email with your housing assignment prior to move in. For a map featuring the locations of all NU Intern Housing accommodations locations, please click here.


Upon checking in, all NU Intern Housing participants must verify their identity by presenting NU Intern Housing staff with valid government-issued photo identification. You will then be issued a Husky Card: a Northeastern University-issued photo identification card that you’ll use to gain access to your assigned residence hall, apartment, and bedroom.

Where to Unload/Park

While our main campus has small roads that can accommodate drop-offs, parking is not allowed outside our residence halls in fire lanes. For A/C and non-A/C move in, limited metered parking may be available nearby on Parker Street between Huntington Avenue and Ruggles Street. Alternatively, hourly parking is available at the Renaissance Park Garage (835 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA, 02120).

Staffed Check-Ins

NU Intern Housing staff will be stationed at the central check-in location to welcome you to campus and assist with your check-in. Staffed check-in is available from 9am-3pm on 5/23, 5/28, 5/29, 5/30, 5/31, 6/4, 6/5, 6/11, 6/26 & 7/9 for summer 2022.

Additionally, a limited number of bins (hampers on wheels) will be available from central check in at Willis Hall during staffed check-in times only. You can sign out a bin for a period of one hour if you leave a government-issued photo ID behind. Bins must be returned to NU Intern Housing staff within one hour of sign-out.

All Other Arrivals

While we hope you will able to join us during our staffed check-in times, if you arrive to campus outside of staffed check-in, NU Intern Housing staff will be available on call to assist you. For off-hour check-in, please report to the central location check in residence hall West Village A – North and inform the front desk proctor that you’re checking in. The proctor will contact our NU Intern Housing staff to assist with your check-in. It may take up to 30 minutes for NU Intern Housing staff to arrive once notified. Bins (hampers on wheels) will unfortunately not be available at this time.

Check Out

On the date of your scheduled departure, remove all of your belongings from your apartment and any trash that’s accumulated in your apartment during your stay. If you are moving out on 8/6 you will need to vacate by 12 pm, which is the closing time of NU Intern Housing for 2022. Please shut your bedroom door so that it locks behind you upon move it. Close all windows and if you have A/C please set it to 70 degrees. Return your Husky Card and Parking Pass (if you have one) to the locked “Key Drop” box at the proctor station for your building. Please Note: Failure to return your Husky Card will result in a $25 fee.

Building & Room Access

Upon check-in, you will receive a Husky (access) Card that is non-transferable and a pin-code. It is imperative that you keep your card with you at all times; this card signals that you are authorized to be on our campus.

Building Access

You must show your Husky Card at the proctor station every time you seek to gain access to the building. The proctor will swipe or tap the card to ensure you are cleared for access

Room Access

  1. Tap your Husky Card against the keypad of the door to your assigned apartment
  2. Wait for the “SCHLAGE” button at the top to flash green, then red
  3. Enter your 4-digit PIN, and then # (provided upon check-in)
  4. Press the “#” button
  5. Wait for the “SCHLAGE” button to flash green
  6. Turn the door handle to access your room

Troubleshooting Tips If the “SCHLAGE” button does not light up at step 2, wait 10 seconds before restarting the procedure from step 1.

Locked out or Forget your pin?

If you are locked out of your room or building, please notify an Intern Housing staff member. Intern Housing staff members can be found in the Conference Assistant staff office every night from 6pm-9pm. If a staff member is not readily available, the proctor in the foyer of your residence hall can have them paged. Please note that a $10 lock-out fee will be issued upon the instance of your 3rd and subsequent lock-outs.

Lost your Husky Card?

If you have lost your husky card please contact an Intern Housing staff member to get a replacement ID.  Intern Housing staff members can be found in the Conference Assistant staff office every night from 6pm-9pm. If a staff member is not readily available, the proctor in the foyer of your residence hall can have them paged.  A temporary ID will be issued to you in the interim. Please note that there is a $25 replacement fee for a lost Husky Card.

Internet & Cable Access

Internet Access

All NU Intern Housing accommodations include complimentary access to the Internet (via the NUwave wireless network). Credentials for the NUwave wireless network will be emailed to all confirmed NU Intern Housing participants prior to their arrival on campus.Wired access to the ResNet network is provided via upon request. (Ethernet cables not included)

Internet access for other devices (devices that are not computers, tablets, or smart phones) is limited. For more information, visit the ResNet Resource Center. NOTE: Personal wireless routers are prohibited in NU Intern Housing.

Cable TV Hook-Up

A/C and non-A/C NU Intern Housing accommodations include complimentary access to cable television via a coaxial wall jack in the living room of each apartment. However, coaxial cables and televisions are not provided. Instructions on how to access such cable television service can be found here. To view the HD channel guide, visit the Comcast TV channel listing online here. Click the “Change Lineup” link near the upper left-hand corner of the page. Enter 02115 as the zip code in the pop-up window, then click the “SEARCH” button. Click the “View more service areas” link near the bottom left-hand corner of the pop-up window, then select HuskyCable-Northeastern University Boston Standard Cable from the “SERVICE AREA” list. Click the “SAVE” button, and once that window closes, you will be able to view the current TV listings.

Resident Mailbox Access

NU Intern Housing participants are assigned a residential mailbox within their assigned residence hall. You will receive your assigned mailbox number, mailbox combination, and mailing address via email in advance. Delivered packages that are too large to fit in a residential mailbox can be picked up at the ResMail office at the lower level of 7 Speare Hall (located in square C1 on the campus map) Monday through Friday from 8AM-8PM and Saturday from 10AM-4PM. Packages can also be shipped from Speare Hall.

Questions? Contact (617) 373-5108; Select “1” for Speare and identify yourself as a NU Intern Housing participant.

Residential Life & Social Programming


All NU Intern Housing participants are required to complete an virtual orientation session within 5 days of their arrival to campus. The information will be emailed to you after you move-in. If you have any questions, please consult with NU Intern Housing staff.

Social Programming

NU Intern Housing prides itself on the creation and facilitation of community. To that end, complimentary in-hall activities are provided to introduce NU Intern Housing participants to their fellow peers. Past programs have included pizza parties, trivia nights, and movie nights.

Office Hours

Conference Assistants (CAs) are available from 6PM-9PM nightly to assist with any NU Intern Housing-related concerns that you might have. Feel free to stop by within this timeframe to speak with a CA in person. This is also where you can check out games, cleaning equipment, etc. Office locations are:

  • West Village A-North: West Village A North 120

Conference Coordinators (CCs) are members of our professional staff team who provide oversight to our summer Intern Buildings. They are available to assist with issues that can’t be resolved by a CA.

Guest Check In Policy

Guests must be signed in at the proctor station in person by you each time they wish to enter an NU Intern Housing residence hall. While visiting, each guest must be escorted throughout their residence hall at all times by the NU Intern Housing resident they’re visiting. Each time they are signed in, all guests must present a valid, government-issued photo ID. All guests must be at least 18 years of age. Each apartment in NU Intern Housing is allowed a maximum of five guests at any one time, while each NU Intern Housing participant is allowed a maximum of three guests at any one time. No guest may stay more than three consecutive nights in NU Intern Housing.

Community Standards


Furnishings in our different types of accommodations may differ. Here is a list of appliances and furniture that you can expect:


Suggested items to bringProhibited items
Additional toiletries and personal itemsWindow air conditioners
Hair dryerSun lamps
Bedding, blankets & pillowSpace heaters
Alarm clockHalogen lamps/bulbs
Toaster ovens*Electric percolators (exposed coil heating elements)
Microwave ovens*Electric frying pans/griddles
 TowelsHot plates
Coffee makerElectric cooking equipment
Indoor/Outdoor decorative lights
Lava lamps
Weightlifting equipment

*Apartments are equipped with kitchens, and all cooking appliances must be confined to the kitchen. Use or possession of any type of outdoor grill, hibachi, or open-flame container is prohibited.

Alcohol & Drugs

In Massachusetts, an individual must be twenty-one years of age to possess and consume alcohol. The University expects that all of its program participants abide by this law and abide by University regulations concerning alcohol and drug use.

Possession and consumption of alcohol is limited to individuals of legal age in a private apartment or bedroom within a residence hall. All occupants of a private bedroom or apartment where alcohol is being consumed must be of legal age. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in all residence hall common areas.


Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day. Stereos, radios, televisions, musical instruments, and all conversations must be kept to levels that will not interfere with other participants’ ability to function or sleep. Participants who encounter a noise problem may contact an External Events and Conference Housing staff member who will assist in addressing the situation.


Trash should be removed from individual rooms frequently. Each residence hall has trash disposal locations. Please consult the signage in the lobby or hallways to find the disposal location nearest to you.

Dangerous Weapons

Possession or use of items that could be used to harm or threaten another individual is prohibited. Those items include, but are not limited to pepper spray or mace, switchblades, knives, fake guns, tazers, BB guns, fireworks, ammunition, nunchaka (karate sticks), explosive devices, or firearms.


Fireworks of all kinds are considered explosive agents by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They are illegal and their use is prohibited.

Safety & Security

Safety and security is a top priority for Intern Housing participants. All residence hall lobbies are equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras that are monitored by both the Public Safety Operations Center and the Residential Safety Office supervisors.

Guidelines for Safety

Maintaining a secure conference building depends on cooperation from the entire community. Follow these guidelines and use common sense for a safe and rewarding stay at Northeastern:

  • Close and lock your door(s) and window(s) when you leave your room, even if you plan to be gone for a short time.
  • Report all suspicious activity, thefts and other crimes to University police immediately.
  • Never sign strangers or anyone for whom you are not willing to be responsible into your building.
  • Immediately report any disturbances on campus or in the city streets to University police.

In the event of a fire

If you witness a fire, sound an alarm at the nearest pull station. Pull stations are located on each floor of every residence hall near the exits. The door of your room or apartment has a detailed evacuation route for fires and other building emergencies. Please take a moment to reference this document.

At the sound of an alarm, move quickly and quietly to your closest exit, including the alarmed emergency exits. Close doors behind you as you leave. In an orderly fashion, follow the direction of conference staff, NUPD, or Fire Department officials and wait for further instructions. If possible, wear a coat and shoes and carry a towel to use in case of smoke. Keep these items easily accessible for emergency use along with your keys and conference card since it may be several hours before you are permitted to re-enter the building.

A number of residence halls at Northeastern utilize fire escapes as an alternative means of egress. Access to fire escapes is through dedicated windows. Fire escape windows must be kept clear. No furniture, air conditioners or other personal effects are to be placed so as to restrict access to the fire escape window.

Fire Safety Reminders:

  • Do not allow trash to accumulate.
  • Do not dispose of cigarettes in wastebaskets. Smoking is prohibited on campus.
  • The use of candles or other open flames is prohibited in residence halls.
  • Do not overload electrical outlets or use prohibited devices. Such devices include, but are not limited to:
    • Window air conditioners
    • Sun lamps
    • Space heaters
    • Halogen lamps/bulbs
    • Hot plates
    • Electric cooking equipment
    • Indoor/Outdoor decorative lights
    • Grills
    • Lava lamps

In the event of an emergency

In case of emergency or crisis situations that require immediate notification, summer conference participants may subscribe to the NU Alert System, which sends email, voicemail and text messages to subscribed participants. The alert system is intended to communicate pertinent information and, when appropriate, provide directions to those in the affected area(s). Summer conference participants may subscribe to this service to receive alerts by registering here. Be sure to select the “Summer 2022 Events” group when registering.

EMERGENCY for NU Police Department:
Non-Emergency Contact for NU Police Department:
Residential Safety Office:


ADA Compliance

The Office of External Events and Conference Housing is committed to providing appropriate accommodations and resources to persons with disabilities, nursing mothers as well as individuals requiring certain medically-necessary provisions. Arrangements should have been made with your group’s coordinator and conference staff in advance of your arrival. For any questions, please speak with a staff member at the Hospitality Desk or have one paged by the proctor.